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pek64's Avatar pek64 03:10 AM 09-10-2012
What needless or questionable medical procedures have you or someone you know undergone?

I have two fillings because the dentist convinced my mother (when I was a child) that the grooves in those molars were so deep, they were cavities waiting to happen.

My mother was convinced by her gyn that a hysterectomy would solve her incontinence problems. Then, after it was done and there was no change, told her that there was no reason to think the hysterectomy would solve incontinence.

Anyone else have stories they want to share?

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 02:31 PM 09-19-2012

I had fibroids in my breasts removed because a doctor told me they could "become calcified and then cancerous". Totally regret it now. greensad.gif

LLQ1011's Avatar LLQ1011 01:06 AM 09-20-2012

my grandmother had both of her breasts removed for breast cancer but was then told there was a lab error and she did not have breast cancer.

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