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MamaNicole's Avatar MamaNicole 01:01 PM 09-12-2012

I was checking out the probiotics at the store the other day for my 11 1/2 month old guy and most seemed filled with yucky sweeteners and other things.

Do any of you know a good brand to check out? 

So far I was liking the BioGaia for babies one, from what I can read online. Anyone use this brand?

And what do you all think of giving probiotics to little ones?

Just wondering...



tiacait's Avatar tiacait 07:01 AM 09-13-2012

We use Klaire Lab's Ther-Biotic Infant at my house. It's expensive, but well worth it in my opinion because it's simple (no sweeteners, coloring, etc) and hypoallergenic. I'm a big believer in probiotics for all ages (especially babies).

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