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trus's Avatar trus 12:21 PM 09-23-2012

I had my physical and got the labs back. The sugar is not 70 like it used to be, the good cholesterol is low. The bad one is high. What do you ladies think?


According to my hair analysis I have adrenal fatigue and am low on all the minerals. Is the adrenal fatigue messing up my results? I've tried the supplements for fatigue that I was prescribed, but I can't tolrelate them! They make me drowsy, sleep-deprived and hungry. I am taking a regular multi, but according to the nutritionist whose supplements I can't tolerate, they do NOTHING to correct the fatigue. Hence, my hair analysis#2 is not any better than the year before.


Here are my current labs. Let me know what you think! Thanks!


The second picture would be

T3 Uptake  - 29 (24-39)

Free TYroxine Index - 2.4 (1.2 - 4.9)





oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 10:48 AM 10-12-2012 <--------this is the post re: IUD


TRUS: Hello saw this and thought i would reply.  Just a thought could join us over here...though it is IUD related some of the ladies , like me have had HTMA tests & use supllemnts ...maybe some one there can help? II have only just begun in my HTSMA supplement related dosage but will help if I can.:)

I have had these tests and MANY more since 8/2012...HTMA is the only thing that is pointing to anything that can help me at this point, laso a low carb diet. lost 20 lbs but w/ 5-10 more I will look trying to get the carbs count a bit higher.

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