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Oread's Avatar Oread 10:07 PM 09-23-2012

I have been super miserable the past week or so, and it is very strange for me to fall into such a horrible, unhappy mood. I have been having lots of depression symptoms - can't go to sleep at night, during the day I don't want to do anything except sleep and mope, no appetite, no sex drive, just general lethargy and unhappiness at life and everything.

I realized it coincided with the beginning of my period, and the same thing happened last month. Now that my period is almost over I suddenly feel amazingly better today. It is a lot of typical PMS symptoms, except it happens more during my period than beforehand. Does this happen to anyone else? 


I have been reading about ways to prevent and cope with it, but when I'm depressed its really hard to motivate myself to do anything so it is sort of a vicious cycle. I already eat well (pretty much no processed foods, practically everything is homemade and lots of produce, etc) but I don't get much exercise and I have been meaning to make a habit of daily exercise anyhow. The other thing that I'm sure doesn't help is that I usually have a couple of alcoholic drinks (1-3 wine, beer, or cocktails) most nights of the week, so instead of doing that my husband and I are going to start drinking tea in the evenings. I don't think my daily cup of coffee bothers me, but I might start drinking tea in the morning too, and during my period trying the dandelion root or special PMS teas. Does anyone have any other ideas or things that work for them? It kind of scares me to suddenly fall into a horribly foul mood, and I'm not the best parent when it happens since I don't feel motivated to be playful and interactive, then that makes me feel guilty and it becomes sort of a downward spiral. I'm thrilled to be feeling better today though and know I should start planning ahead and making some lifestyle changes before next month. 

Milk8shake's Avatar Milk8shake 11:58 PM 09-23-2012

If the mood is so severe, or noticeable, it may be worth reading up about PMDD.  (And maybe speaking to your GP?)

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