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Bella 09-24-2012 07:30 AM

I am hoping to find some advice.  My oldest ds (now 10) had a dairy allergy when he was young and I needed to find an alternative to cow milk when he was weaned.  He was eating avocados and taking fish oil so i wasn't worried about the fat...and so I chose Rice Milk (Rice Dream enriched) I gave him mostly water and occasionally rice milk.  I also have crohn's disease and revamped our diet...mostly fruit/veg./ grains/chicken/fish...and cut out all Dairy among many other things.  When my second was born I weaned him onto rice milk as well.  He loved it and drank it everyday...many times a day, cooked with it, his favorite side dish was rice, etc...He is 7 and still drinks it by the glass, has it in his cereal then drinks the milk left, etc...All of this until a few days ago when I banned it because of  the news about the arsenic problem.   I wrote Imagine Foods about Rice Dream and arsenic, inquiring about the levels and received a very vague reply with no information.  My son shows signs of inattentive ADHD  and I am worrying if this could be caused by the accumulation of arsenic over his lifetime.  I am planning on getting his levels tested, but does any one know if damage caused by arsenic is reversible and if chelation would help him.


I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum.

XochitlM 09-26-2012 06:06 PM

There is a rice milk you might want to look at made by Growing Naturals and here's the link to their article on the arsenic issue.

KimPM 09-30-2012 06:49 PM

Yes, it can be reversed by *proper* chelation. You might want to look into low, frequent dose chelation and how to remove arsenic with proper dosing of alpha lipoic acid as a primary chelator of arsenic. My DH is using this to work on his own arsenic issues. I am using the same protocol to treat myself and my son for toxicities.

Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler is the one who wrote the book on this form of chelation:

Both books have information on the method, but they also offer different information. They are complementary books to have and a good reference when chelating. There are also a couple of yahoo support groups if you decide to do this form of chelating for your son or even yourself.

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