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chocho's Avatar chocho 11:04 AM 09-26-2012

My 5 yr old daughter got a little cold due to the weather change and being around other children etc..... mostly at night time when she goes to sleep she starts coughing and coughs soooo hard the she vomits. This happens everytime she gets a cold and it has been for the last 6  nights that this has happened. I have been giving her triaminic for her cough, halls to suck on, vapor rub on her chest and i have used a humidifier in her room at night. Last night i tried some honey to ease the cough, although it didnt seem to work. i am at a loss. She has no fever, feels fine after she vomits and stops coughing. I told her doctor about it and she said that its just a little cold her ears nose and throat looked fine. please help! i dont know what to do anymore. i feel like my poor daughter hasnt had a good nights sleep in days. 

Mosaic's Avatar Mosaic 12:59 PM 09-26-2012
Does she have any head drainage? That might be irritating her throat and starting the coughing spells. Otherwise, I'd call your ped again and discuss the possibility of reactive airway disease or other kind of irritation to the lungs or airway. Poor thing... I hope she feels better soon!!
Asiago's Avatar Asiago 06:23 PM 09-26-2012

I suspect it may be pertussis, and if so you may wish to read up on sodium ascorbate. I hope your little one is feeling better soon.

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