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tonttu's Avatar tonttu 12:14 PM 09-27-2012

I have had a bad couple of years in a relationship with an empotional abuser , that have escalated to the point where I kicked him out and I feel GOOD about it

But my periods have stopped completely for a couple of months now . I have a 10-month-old daughter , that I am still partially bf , but I had regular periods starting from when she was about 4 1/2 months old .

And now , nothing !

I am pretty sure , I am not pregnant ( I mean after all , how ?) , but took a test anyway " just in case " , but as expected , it was negative . 

The next thing , I am wondering though , is , could all this stress have me go minto early menopause ?

Which I would not be very happy about considering that I am only 39

Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 01:22 PM 09-27-2012

How about stress induced amenorrhea/anovulation? If you can with four kids, including a 10 month old, try some de-stressing activities, exercise, walks in nature, a relaxing bath, meditation, yoga, etc. Given your age, I am sure this is just a temporary thing.

tonttu's Avatar tonttu 03:08 PM 09-27-2012

Well , that´s what I was hoping , I am not ready for " the change " yet whistling.gif

I mean , the 4 oldest do help a lot , but dealing with a 2-year-old , whose favourite word is " no " at the moment and a baby , that still doesn´t sleep all night , along with the PSS I have been suffering from with the separation ... Yeah , it´s a lot

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