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Things I Learned from My Child's Surgery--What Can You Share Please?

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Wow is all I can say. I can't believe that we just came back from Children's Hospital in Philly and my child is finally in recovery mode...........She has kidney reflux in both kidneys and had a Bi Lateral Ureter Repair Done (both tubes were moved behind her bladder)...But the hard lessons I learned from the get-go.  First, trust your instincts. I thought our first urologist was was a referral from a neighbor who is a nurse.  That didn't work out (long story short, they dropped the ball when she was sick and we ended up in the ER). So...I went with a referral from our pediatrician...thinking that the well known doctor was it...........he was nice, and knowledgeable about her medicaitons...but very old school about the surgery.  On a hunch, we found a surgeon at CHOP who could do the procedure with a robot and semi laprascopiclly  (i can't even begin to explain it)...............Second, do your homework. I'm glad I did alot of research about the procedure and follow up care, but there were still things I missed. Something as simple as not making a big deal of the fact that my daughter is left handed.......well when they put an IV in a kid, they put a 'brace' of sorts on it--almost looks like a soft cast--and she couldn't move her left that was hard.......Third....label all items you bring to the hospital..........things get lost and you will never find them again............Finally, if the 'food service' brings your child up a tray of food, and he/she is not finished with it, put a BIG note on it that says to leave the food......I can't tell you the number of times her juice (with medication in it) was taken away.......nightmare city! Like I said, it's little things that I just wish I knew before hand.......What have you learned from your child's surgery?

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