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Peanut222's Avatar Peanut222 09:40 PM 10-28-2012

My DD has an x-ray scheduled for tomorrow. I didn't schedule, I just spoke to my pediatrician about her in-toeing and got a call from a 'referral consultant'. She scheduled me for an x-ray followed by an appointment with an orthopedist.


I am pretty sure that there is nothing structural going. The pediatrician doesn't think there is. And I have a lot of doctors in my family, and none of them are even concerned about it. It was my initiative and all I really wanted from the ped was a recommendation for physical therapy (my insurance doesn't even require a referral) so that we can do some things to help her walking and balance.


Would you be okay with an x-ray that is so unnecessary?

Peanut222's Avatar Peanut222 07:56 AM 10-29-2012

No replies :(


But I did just call the office and asked whether the orthopedist would see her without an x-ray. They said yes. No x-ray!

pek64's Avatar pek64 08:31 AM 10-29-2012
I just saw this.

Yea! No x-ray! That's good news!
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