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noahsmum's Avatar noahsmum 11:43 PM 05-22-2002
Maybe some of you have dealt with this as well. I had a bacterial infection while pregnant and was treated for it, but every since my son was born I still feel like I either had a yeast or bacterial infection still. Went to doc today and it's atrophic vaginitis, which is basically a lack of estrogen in my system due to breastfeeding.
It causes the vaginal tissue to become irritated and has all the symptoms of a yeast infection. They gave me a prescription for a cream to use for 6 weeks and I was concerned about the effects of estrogen affecting my milk supply.

Just seeing if anyone may know some natural remedies. I hear increasing uptake of soy products could help. Nurse told me that until I start my period the problem won't go away, so don't know if I can wait that long.

Gladmom's Avatar Gladmom 07:03 PM 05-26-2002
Well, I never got anything officially diagonosed, and I assumed I was having yeast type infections. I have been taking a daily tablespoon dose of acidophilus culture and I have not had any problems since.
KKmama's Avatar KKmama 03:42 AM 05-27-2002
I had the same thing...

How far post partum are you? I'd like to go into all the details with you, because I think my dr handle it really well, but I'd rather not go into all the gory details in public.

PM me if you want them. But here's a basic non-gory summary... My nurse practitioner--whose opinion I respect--wanted me to not have it treated with the estrogen cream until I was at least a month into solids for ds (so he was 7 mo before I saw an ob/gyn about it). Part of this was to see if I would get more estrogen naturally (by ds spacing out his feedings and maybe nursing a bit less, etc.), part of it was to make sure I had a really good milk supply before trying the estrogen.

The long and the short of the dr appt was that he told me to use no more than a pea sized amount vaginally every day for a week, and then every other day for a week, and to see from there. Doing this didn't help a lot, but then I took a week off and repeated the above, and everything is much, much better.

I still haven't gotten my period though. I'm vegan and eat a lot of soy, too.

I don't want to worry you, but I think the amount of cream my dr prescribed was more reasonable than a 6 week daily applicator-full.

PM me.