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MicahsTmommy's Avatar MicahsTmommy 02:54 PM 10-29-2012

My son (4 yrs in January) is always sick (so it seems).  He gets strep often, I've pleaded with his doctors to take his tonsils out but they wont.  He has been sick for over a month now, it started with the stomach flu which had him up all night vomiting.  On top of that he got a cold that started a very wet cought and then everything rested in his sinuses (so his doctor said) they did a strep test it came back negative so he said that it sounded like a sinus infection and he put him on Amoxacillian for 10 days.  On the 10th day the cough was still there, worse, and his school called and said that he vomited on the playground.  I picked him up and took him to the Dr again and this time they said he had strep and put him on another bout of antibiotics Cephalexin for another 10 days.  I dont understand how he got strep if he was on antibiotics but ok...we are a few days past the last dose of the 2nd antibiotic and he is still battling this cough. It's less wet and sounds more croupy now.  Poor guy isn't sleeping and his allergies are HORRIBLE.  He has gunk coming out of his eyes (which happens this time of  year every year due to his allergies) he takes benadryl and zyrtec daily (which I hate giving him) and now he's been on cough medicine (mucinex) for nearly a month.  I hate giving him so many meds, his poor body is probably having a hard time digesting it all.  I dont know what to do now...he sleeps with a cool mist humidifyer, we give him ice water when he has his coughing attacks, I keep cough drops on hand for the really bad times, he seems so miserable. He hasn't run a fever this whole time, he generally doesn't run fevers even with the flu or strep, I just made an appt for Friday morning with a pediatric allergy doc, I'm hoping they can help because I feel so lost on what our next steps should be.  I've tried all the home remidies, I hate seeing him like this.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 03:19 PM 10-29-2012

Start healing his gut where 60 to 70 percent of the immune system is located.  All those antibiotics have likely just about trashed his immune system.


Look into the GAPs Diet

essco's Avatar essco 05:42 PM 10-29-2012

Hi there, I see you are in AZ. I strongly recommend that you take your little guy to a naturopathic doctor. ND's are licensed in AZ so it should be easy to find someone, unless you are really in the middle of nowhere. I personally know lots of great ND's in Phoenix area, a couple in Anthem, a few in Tucson. Finding an ND (or a well-trained herbalist) could REALLY help your son get on the path towards healing. Plus I know as a parent how overwhelming it can be to start learning from scratch how to heal yourself or a family member. It's so helpful to have a trained guide, a professional who has the knowledge to lead you along.  If finances are a big obstacle to you seeing an ND privately (though some insurances do cover naturopathic care in AZ) then you could check out the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Clinic. It's staffed by NDs who oversee student clinicians, so your son would be seen by both students and docs. If you let me know where you live, I might be able to recommend somebody.  

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