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Mom2Brendan's Avatar Mom2Brendan 11:57 AM 11-09-2012

I had labs drawn on Wednesday at 2:30. I am on my period,had diherea 2 days before as I always get those 2 days before my period. Then its normal. I had peed a lot on Wednesday before lab work but I get that way when I'm nervous. No more frequent peeing. I was on Bactrim last week. I didn't eat much before my lab work on Wednesday which was oatmeal. My lab results showed 2.9 and they put me on potassium supplements 10 Miliequivalent 3x a day. I felt Horrible after taking those.

So I started researching and wondering maybe my levels are actually normal but were not that normal due to eating before my lab work like a near fasting level.


Even when I went to pharmacist she goes you must have been really sick and I go Nope so she looks at me strange when giving me the supplements.


Even the RN said You must not have been feeling well or you would not have asked for potassium to be checked and I said I never asked for that. I asked for calcium and thyroid to be checked. I have Parathyroid and thyroid issues due to thyroidectomy in 2006.


I had no issues with heart,no fatigue,only 1 backache which I always have due to hiatal hernia.


When I took the supplement I got a headache,sore throat,cough,heart palipations,arms that would hurt,severe tummy cramps.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 12:25 PM 11-19-2012

Hmmmm. Maybe retest so you're sure?

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