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eroslovesagape's Avatar eroslovesagape 02:26 PM 11-09-2012









Pics: 1st 10/28/2012, 2nd 11/01/12, 3rd 11/08/12, 4th today, 11/9/12.


My 7 y/o DD started with a mosquito-bite sized red spot in front of her left temple. I noticed it and left it alone...it grew larger, still a solid dark pink/red splotch. Over days it grew larger, until I became alarmed when one evening it was the size of a nickel. The next morning, it was different: cleared up a bit in the center, and a definite outer ring.


Weeks later, with inconsistent tea tree oil & coconut oil & internal black walnut tincture treatment, I get that this fungus is really alive! When treated a few times in a row, it diminishes. Leave it alone a day or two, and it's back with a vengeance.


A month later, it's now the size of a half dollar, and I'm worried it'll get onto her scalp and leave her with a bald spot (she's horrified at the thought).


Based on what I've read in other posts, it sounds like consistency is the key. This is what I'm doing now (18 hours so far):


Tea Tree Oil, Coconut oil, and I dab on Goldenseal powder. I cover it loosely with porous medical tape so it won't wipe off while she's sleeping. I put a few drops of black walnut hull tincture on the tape, it seeps through onto the skin.


I do have oregano oil, so will add that, esp as DD's skin isn't bothered by the concoction at all; no stinging etch.


Any other advice? I haven't taken her to the doctor yet. It seems glaringly apparent it's ringworm. But if these treatments don't decrease it over the next 3 days, I'll get an "official" diagnosis.

liliaceae's Avatar liliaceae 02:48 PM 11-09-2012
I would use a topical OTC antifungal cream, like Lotrimin. I've used it before on ringworm with success.
chel's Avatar chel 03:51 PM 11-09-2012
I second the OTC.
These things scar, too. My BFF in grade school had one on her forehead that matched my chickenpox scar.
stacyann21's Avatar stacyann21 07:02 PM 11-18-2012

This looks exactly like what I struggled with for years. When I was treating it with antifungals (because everyone told me it was ringworm) it got so bad it went all the way up my arms and down my legs and was starting to spread to other areas. I finally made an appt with a dermatologist who did a scrape and culture. I was shocked when she prescribed a steroid cream for my ECZEMA. I was even more shocked when the cream cleared the rash within 3 days blush.gif I have since made some changes to my detergents, soaps and diet to avoid overuse of steroids and I do still get seasonal break outs but it's nothing like it was when I was mistreating it.

eroslovesagape's Avatar eroslovesagape 11:49 AM 11-29-2012

Thanks, folks for your input. 


The rash got bigger, redder, and darker- looked very irritated. My gut was telling me to stop with the vinegar etc... 


I took her to the dr and he said it was "contact dermatitis" meaning she had an allergic reaction to something, and that started it. He prescribed 2.5% cortisone cream, and told me to stop everything else, esp the vinegar. I applied the cream for a week, and the bigger, redder version of the rash shrunk back to exactly what she'd already had for weeks (like the first pics I posted). I asked about the possibility of getting a scrap/sample, and he said it would cause a scar, so advised against it for right now. 


Now we are back to just tea tree oil, and that seems to be working marginally. 


The rash IS in her hair, and it's NOT causing a bald spot.  That would seem to say it's not ringworm!  Stacyann, thanks for the tip on the possibility of eczema. My DD does have extremely sensitive skin, so I'll research that route next. 

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 07:38 PM 11-29-2012

You may wish to look into nummular eczema, it goes by several names though, and resembles the appearance of ringworm.

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