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swd12422's Avatar swd12422 06:40 AM 11-10-2012

DS needs therapy on a weekly basis. Every morning after his appointment, I have pink eye.


I know how to keep it from spreading at home -- no one else gets affected. Every appointment, I avoid touching as much as I can at the office, use the hand cleaner at the door, then again in my car after touching the door to get out of the office. Then wash hands at home. I don't touch my face at all during the appointment. I have no idea how I keep getting it!


Is there anything I can do to prevent it since clean hands aren't cutting it?

libba's Avatar libba 07:51 PM 11-11-2012

Is it really pink eye or are you just having a reaction to something in the appointment area?  Pink eye is red,swollen, pus filled eyes.  It would not go away untila week or so if viral or until treated if bacterial.  Why do you think it is pink eye?

swd12422's Avatar swd12422 07:43 AM 11-12-2012
I'm pretty sure it's pink eye, but even if not, how do I prevent the reactions?

I treat it with honey, whey, and breast milk when I can get it, but by the time it's cleared up it's time for the next appointment.
libba's Avatar libba 01:25 PM 11-12-2012

It doesn't really sound like Pink eye  - more like an allergic reaction to something.  But you may have to get an antibiotic drop to totally get rid of it if it is pink eye.  The natural cures don't always work if it is a resistant type of bug.  You might have to see an eye doctor.  Sorry - not much help without seeing your eye in person.

swd12422's Avatar swd12422 11:38 AM 11-14-2012

What about it doesn't sound like pink eye? Irritated, red conjuctiva, pus/oozing.... And it's not equal in both eyes, which means it's probably bacterial and I managed to touch my one eye even though I think I'm being super careful. When I have allergic reactions, it's in both eyes.


It happened again this week. ARGH!

pek64's Avatar pek64 11:56 AM 11-14-2012
If it's bacterial, chamomile tea drops or eyewash should clear it up. But you have to do a 10 day treatment, or it will return.
swd12422's Avatar swd12422 04:54 AM 11-15-2012
Thanks! I didn't know chamomile would work. Can it be used with contact lenses? Thing is, it's a weekly appointment so I am re-exposed before the ten days. It looks like my only option is to try to change clinics. Ugh
grahamsmom98's Avatar grahamsmom98 09:05 AM 11-15-2012

I think you must bring this to the attention of the office where your son is receiving therapy!!!  If it IS pink eye, then they need to do some major cleaning to contain the bacteria/virus causing it (you are probably not the only one with an infection).


I also think you should see a doctor as you are placing others at risk with your continuing infection (if it really is true pink eye). 


Though, I wonder about pink eye infection in that you make no mention of your son having it..................

swd12422's Avatar swd12422 10:54 AM 11-15-2012
He doesn't get it, which is amazing to me because he's the one touching all the nasty toys!
pek64's Avatar pek64 11:01 AM 11-15-2012
You probably should remove your contact lenses and treat them when you treat your eyes. Maybe you wear glasses for a couple of weeks.
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