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cathysimplyrock's Avatar cathysimplyrock 05:49 PM 11-14-2012

We went to the ER with my two year old who was in extreme pain.  After lots of tests and a CT scan they said he has mastoiditus.  When we were there they looked at his ears and the ER doctor said they were red but he didn't think it was bad enough to cause the kind of pain he was in.  So they jumpstarted him with some antibiotics at the hospital and then sent us home with a presciption for Augmentin.  We had our follow up appt today.  3 days after leaving the hospital and his pediatrician says she definitely sees an ear infection in one of his ears now and just red in the other (he has mastoiditis on both sides).  So that made her concerned that the antibiotics were not working like the should.  So she prescribed something stonger.  I had never heard of this before until Sunday.  I am just really worried because it is so serious and I am wondering if anyone else had issues with a child having mastoiditis and if so did the antibiotics work and what are the steps to making sure it is gone.  Any experiences with this are welcomed as I haven't been able to find many people who have heard of it let alone had it.



grahamsmom98's Avatar grahamsmom98 09:00 AM 11-15-2012

Infections of the mastoid bone used to be deadly, because of the proximity of the mastoid to the brain.  With the use of modern antibiotics, they have become rare and treatable.


My late grandfather was a top EENT surgeon in San Francisco and performed many, many surgeries for mastoid infections.

I'm sure your little one will feel much better very soon!

Paramed28's Avatar Paramed28 03:59 AM 11-18-2012
My 2 yr was just dx with acute mastoiditis...he was sick sick for about 4 days last week. We thought he had the flu because it was going around our house. His ear started protruding out from the inflammation of the mastoid bone...we took him to pediatrician and they put him on antibiotics. We started to read up on the whole ear thing and then took him to an ENT. They told us to admit him immediately due to the fact that he needed IV antibiotics...he is now on day 3 and is doing much better...don't wait..take him to your children's hospital and let them look at your baby! He/she might need a a really good dose of antibiotics to kill the infection. Left untreated can lead to more serios complications...

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