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Hey all,

So I have had a pea sized weird looking patch on my heel, not the sole precisely but the area directly above what's being stepped on - like where you see in ads about cracked and dry heels. That part. So while I'm not walking directly on it, lately it has caused me some pain to step. I have never had warts before but I suspected it might be one and it seems it could be a plantar wart. It doesn't look horrifying like a lot of the ones on google, thank God. I'm actually nauseated now after googling it :(


Here's the deal, I want to use an effective home treatment regimen before I see a doctor about it. I don't usually have health insurance but right now I have pregnancy medicaid. I am due in two weeks. I'll need my feet to be strong and not tender while I'm giving birth so I'm afraid to do anything drastic before the birth (It seems that having them cut or frozen can leave people quite tender footed, not to mention potentially spread them!!). If I need to see a dr I have six weeks post partum before my medicaid expires so that is an option.


So what are some serious wart remedies that you have used with success? I am a barefoot person so my heels have natural calluses on them. I'm not particularly tenderfooted but the stuff I'm reading online about people soaking them w vinegar and cutting away at the skin day by day is making me want to hurl. The idea of scrubbing this area with a pumice stone is almost more than I can stand (I really dislike vibrations/scratching on my feet and hands, it took me until my 20's to be able to file my nails and I have to use a super soft board to do it...) I'm not afraid to cut my skin if that's what needs to happen but I can kind of feel when I step that this is a somewhat internal growth and I'm extremely grossed out and nauseated by all of this puke.gif 


I don't know what to do!! Help!

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Watching with interest.
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Weird home treatments for warts :

1. Duct tape. The real old fashioned gray stuff. Put a piece over the wart. Warts are virus based. By putting duct tape over the spot, you are suffocating the virus. It'll take a week to get rid of it.

2. Onion. Old wives' tale -- cut an onion in half, rub the inner part on the onion, bandage the wart, bury the onion, and when the onion is decomposed the wart will be gone. I think it works on the same principle as the duct tape, only with some antiviral properties thrown in.

3. Tea tree essential oil. It has anti-viral properties, and should attack the virus.

Take your pick.

I had warts frozen off when I was a teen. My brother picked up plantar warts from school. He walked around barefoot, as did I, so I got warts, too. Anyway, it wasn't so bad, but mine were on the side of my foot. I guess my soles were too calloused to be able to host the virus. Since yours is on the heel, it might make walking difficult after freezing.

If it were me, I'd do either the onion or the tea tree with duct tape. Try to kill the virus two ways.

Whatever you do, I wish you well with your delivery! And may the early weeks of your child's life be pleasant.
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Nothing, nothing, nothing worked for me. I had a plantar wart for 20 years. I tried every home remedy, every OTC remedy, and had it frozen eight times. I finally just had the doc cut it out. He said the anesthetic to numb my foot would hurt worse than the wart, but I was sick of it - I could feel it when I walked and it hurt like the dickens when I walked barefoot. He was right - the anesthetic hurt. But then it was gone! I haven't regretted that decision, EVER.

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I see your pregnant, i had many plantars warts during pregnancy. I used over the counter and had the dr freeze them. Two years after birth my feet have been clear for a long time. So no cure but hope that it will clear up after your baby is born.
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There are now some over the counter freeze sprays. When my youngest was about 8 we did that and then duct tape. Leave the duct tape on for a few days and when you pull it off the wart, or at least a chunk of it comes with it.
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I had luck with a stubborn wart on my foot like that (it was possibly there 1-2 years in total?) using ACV (apple cider vinegar) on a bandaid and refreshing it daily and keeping it covered.  

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My understanding of warts is that whatever you use, the ones that irritate it the most work the best.  Warts are difficult for the body's immune system to find - really anything on the skin is hard for the body's immune system to find.  So, if you irritate the heck out of it - freezing, onion, duct tape, apple cider vinegar etc....  really all you're doing is trying to irritate it enough that the body's immune system is able to find it. 


My daughters both had flat warts on their faces.  I tried everything.  I think Oil of Oregano applied directly irritated them the most and the body started to fight them off.  I also super boosted their vitamin C and probiotics at the same time. 

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My son had some on the bottoms of his feet and I bought the over the counter freezing kits. They didn't cause tenderness in his feet and they really worked. It took a couple applications and they were dead. Just be liberal with how long you let the freezing thing penetrate the warts. 

Joyful mama of 3.
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My mother put a nail hardener on mine.  One drop on each wart...now and then.  In a week they fell out and off.  A small crater was left but healed.  Never had them again.  She told me that the hardener suffocated them.

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