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mkat83's Avatar mkat83 12:37 PM 04-22-2013
I need some help.  I have a nursing toddler who has lots of food sensitivities, which has led us to working long-distance with an holistic nutritionist.  I've long suspected that my gut was in terrible shape, which has contributed to many of my son's issues.
We've had some testing done on both of us, and we both have seriously compromised guts and various sensitivities.
I now know that I have candida, various bacterial overgrowths, some possible parasites, and more. 
And to top it off, I'm 10 weeks pregnant.  Since I am pregnant, the nutritionist was only able to offer a few suggestions for me for digestive support, but nothing that was safe to start now to help "fix" my issues.
I can post more details of my test results if needed, but I am in search for resources that I can use while pregnant/nursing.  OR, if anyone can recommend any practitioners who are particularly skilled at working with pregnant women and who will work long-distance with clients, I'd love that info as well.
We've already made great strides with diet and lifestyle changes in the last 5 or so years-- a more traditional/WAPF style diet, etc..... but that alone hasn't been enough.  And of course our diet isn't 100% perfect.
I'll stop there for now, but I appreciate any and all direction.

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 02:28 PM 04-25-2013

Bumping up for more input!

geemom's Avatar geemom 10:54 AM 05-22-2013

Pecanbread, healing the vicious cycle, or you could try another route, instead of eliminating (since pregnant)


start eating fermented foods and avoiding the homogenized milk products, add some good bulgarian yogurt first thing in the morning.  Eat your fruit on an empty stomach, make breakfast the big meal of the day, eat light in the evening, 


kind of depends on your exact main complaint, but the candida specifically is feeding off of sugar and carbs in the diet so eliminated those is possible when pregnant by subbing good, raw honey and for the flours there are a ton of healthy options (buckwheat, etc) that should help.  


this is just a blanket of ideas, I don't have enough information to really figure out what I would recommend or try myself specifically, but maybe one of these suggestions will get you pointed in a direction.

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