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strmis's Avatar strmis 11:36 PM 05-04-2013

DD1 who is just shy of 5, has (i THINK) a stomach bug. I'm hoping none of us catch it! 

Anyways, She puked all night Thurs (2 nights ago) was out all day yesterday AND today. no puke, no poop.

Yesterday she ate 2 pieces of cantaloupe (I know, not good for stomach flu, but thats what my mom fed her while I was at work), and today she ate a total of about 3 bites of applesauce and one bite of hamburger (which DH gave to her because she wouldn't eat).


Is that enough? DH told me he'd been giving her water and electrolyte drinks today. When she cried this evening she had tears and she had some pees today. All good things! No poop. In fact, I think she seems constipated? She has the urge, but nothing comes out. Her stomach also cramps up whenever she eats anything, which is why I think she doesn't want to or is afraid to eat. 


Any ideas? I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day, but its a little scary because I've never been through this before.  The only "remedy" i've been doing is homeopathics. 4 pellets of ar..something album 30c 2-3 times a day.

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 09:02 AM 05-05-2013

Keep giving her fluids.  Juice and chicken broth are nutritious and if homemade, the broth has good protein.  Salt it liberally.  We also do a fair amount of jello (yes, the crappy stuff, but you can make your own) and popsicles (since she's keeping food down now, go ahead and give her the chunky ones if she likes those.)  I think cantaloupe and watermelon would be fine now she keeping food down.  Keep feeding her juicy foods.  


Constipation can be caused by mild dehydration, such as comes with a stomach bug.  BTW, there is no one stomach bug.  These symptoms have many culprits, so there is not one time frame, but there are some general guidelines: clear fluids (clear broth, juice, gelatin) until vomiting ceases.  Then you can slowly introduce foods-- though I'd skip the hamburger!  


It's normal for stomachs to hurt after so much trauma.  Respect that, give her juice and broth and popsicles instead of water for the calories and she'll be fine.

strmis's Avatar strmis 10:48 PM 05-06-2013
Thanks. She started getting over it yesterday. Now I know!
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