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Lump in groin/lymph area?

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05-18-2013 | Posts: 477
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Does anyone have experience with these symptoms, and can you share your situation, DX, or treatment? I plan to request an x-ray soon, but just wonder if others have had this.

The lump: located in the front area of pelvic/hip joint (groin). Smallish, maybe medium marble or Lima bean size?

Noticed it in October 2013. However, I had serious discomfort during both pregnancies which were always diagnosed as sciatic pain by chiropractors. Treatment would occasionally relieve it temporarily, and stretching usually exacerbates it.
Stays about the same size, though it may swell a bit from ovulation to menstruation.
I definitely notice it more around that time. It can be tender at times, depending on my activities.
I also notice it more (tenderness) when I need to urinate, and less when I don't.
Discomforts, whether or not related, Include sciatic/hip/groin pain (sometimes that "funnybone" feeling, and sometimes also hurts along inner thigh, inner knee and inner ankle/foot. Sometimes it also hurts in the gluteal and outer hip area.
When discomfort is strongest (right now during road trip) it affects all those areas, and also up through my lower abdomen just above the pelvic area.

Tried a strong antibiotic in mid-December 2013 for bacterial vaginosis in hopes that it was causing swollen lymph node ( hoping that was the lump), but the lump has remained.
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05-18-2013 | Posts: 1,007
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Where is it exatlt?
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05-19-2013 | Posts: 477
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Hmmm. So, the best description would be this... If I touch the highest point of my vulva/mound when lying down (just above the crack), then go directly to the right, it would be there at the bottom/base of that pelvic mound. The doc I saw suspected it was a swollen lymph node, and thought it may go away after the tx antibiotics for BV. So, it seems tome it is in the groin lymph area on my right side. It isn't always a perfect little round marble shape, and sometimes feels softer and broader when it is tender, such as between ovulation and menstruation.
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05-22-2013 | Posts: 4,649
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I think it's important to get it checked. It could be nothing but, check to make sure.
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05-22-2013 | Posts: 477
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Thanks. Definitely planning to see a doc soon. What I wonder is of others have had this, and what they might be able to tell me from their personal experience.
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I'm not saying this to scare you but, my aunt had a groin lump that turned out to be lymphoma. It's more than likely not that but, I would not let a chronically swollen lymph node go unchecked.
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05-22-2013 | Posts: 477
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Thank you. That is certainly one of my concerns. Having it checked within the next month. Fingers crossed!
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06-19-2013 | Posts: 477
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I have had an ultrasound and an X-ray, which found a fluid filled cyst deep in the space where my hip connects to leg. There are no other abnormalities of the area, no her is, no solid mass. Doc wants me to have an MRI next. I'm saving up, since uninsured.

Now that I am cleared of lymphoma or other cancer, does anyone have an idea what they'll be looking for in the MRI? Anyone else had one of these cysts in their inguinal region?
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08-02-2013 | Posts: 477
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Ouch! I finally got an MRI which showed I have the following:

A 4x4x2 cm cyst in the inguinal cavity (hip hole) on right side.

Bursitis of right hip.

Arthritis of pelvic symphisis.

Of course I didn't know all the questions to ask my doc before letting her shuffle me on to an orthopedic specialist referral.

I am uninsured with no emergency fund right now.

Can anyone offer info about this stuff? Can I live on ibuprofen and tiger balm for the next 6 months before I have a job with insurance? My new job will be a grocery store cashier, so likely will exacerbate the already uncomfortable feeling of all that mess. Could there be danger of the cyst bursting? I don't want to put off treatment if it is immediately necessary, but would love to wait until insured if possible. Thanks!
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