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My dd just turned 1 two weeks ago and up until the last 3 weeks she has never been sick. During the week of her birthday she had a fever and it lasted for 6 days. I did not give her any medication during that time. I used homeopathic remedies to keep her fever at a normal range and breastfed her almost exclusively because she would not eat food. When her fever disappeared all was well and she seemed to have no side effects. 


Fast forward to 3 weeks later and my dd gets a fever (after interacting with someone that had the flu/stomach bug the day before) in the evening and has red cheeks which I assume is a result of teething. Then the next day she is a little off but didn't appear to have a fever until around 11am. I didn't end up taking her temp. until we arrived at my MIL around 5pm as we had been out doing errands. Her temp was 103. She was nursed and rubbed down with a cool cloth and given lots of drinks and also a bath. Fast forward to 6:30 and her temp. only goes down to 102.7. At this point my MIL is freaking out and saying, 


"Something must be wrong with her! It isn't normal for her to have fevers so much! You need to give her medication. This isn't good for her! She could get brain damage and have seizures. I don't understand why you don't want her fever to go down!"


My MIL thought that I didn't want her fever to go down (which wasn't the case. I didn't want medication to make her fever go down if I could help it) and this escalated into a blow up in which my husband I left and my MIL refused to talk to us and "watch her granddaughter suffer in front of her". 


Once home I massaged my dd with peppermint oil (in a carrier oil) and after waiting a bit I then took her temp. and it went down to 101.3. After that I nursed her and put her down for the night. 


Sorry this is so long. I just need some advice. Am I doing the right thing? Is my attitude about fevers correct? The knowledge I have gathered about fevers is that it is the body's normal response to infection of some sort and that your child's immune system will be stronger because of it. Is my MIL right? Am I practically abusing my daughter by letter her have a fever? I am willing to give her medication if it stayed and temp. that was too high, but my gut instinct told me that she was not feeling well but that we were not in a danger zone. I have just tried to keep her fever within a normal range and keep her comfortable. 


Any advice would be most welcome! I just want to do the right thing!

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My experience is with a 3 year old, so I don't know if it's what you're looking for.


My daughter has had a lot of fevers this winter, four or five.  It usually just at night, sometimes it's just one night, sometimes several.  She's caught a lot of lung infections due to having Reactive Airway Disease.  My doctor was only worried about her fevers in the context that we want her lungs to get healthy again (we did a round of steroids and everything's under control). 


shrug.gif  I don't think fevers are a super huge deal.  If she's getting a lot all the time I would have her doctor check her out, but other than that I would follow the guidelines about high fevers needing a doctor.


I hope that helps.

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I forgot to say, I don't really do anything to lower fevers with medications.  I'll use homeopathy, oils, and teas, but medication is for when things are serious.  Our bodies run fevers for a reason and quelling them creates a better environment for the virus/bacteria to grow.

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The only thing that worries me is that if her temperature was too high or raised quickly in a short amount of time she could have a febrile seizure.  My son is almost 3 now.  He had his first febrile seizure when he was 18 months old.  By far the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life.  He has had a total of 3 febrile seizures-  all when his temp was 102.  For my son the first sign of sickness is a low grade temp.  I have no other option but to rotate tylenol and motril every 3 hours when he has fever to try and prevent the seizures.  


Hope you can get down to the bottom of this!!

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Weird how different bodies are. My DS had a bug (viral) just after he turned one. His fever suddenly spiked to 106.5, and we'd been giving him Tylenol and ibuprofen! We booked to the hospital and, well, long story short, even though his temp vascillated between 104 and 106 for several terrifying hours, he somehow never had a seizure. He suffered zero lasting affects. My husband and I lost several years of our lives though!

I think your MIL is overreacting in a big way. Toddlers get sick- that's what happens when your immune system is young and when you stick everything in sight into your mouth. Your DD kept nursing, I assume wasn't acting dramatically different; if you'd called a pediatrician they'd probably just tell you to monitor her carefully and do the cool cloth, etc comfort measures stuff. I give DS ibuprofen and Tylenol for this kind of thing, but I don't think you're abusing your kid by NOT doing that.

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Yeah, I only give medicine for a fever at nighttime, if even then. Otherwise as long as my kiddo is acting fairly normal or resting well, I let him work through it. I do the same for myself! Of course if DS is very fussy and complaining of aching and pain, I'll give him medicine but he rarely does. He's had a fever 2-3 times in his 2.5 years and once it went up to 103. My son also hates taking medicine and generally will really fight us to keep it away. If he has the energy for that, I think he's well enough to not take medicine wink1.gif

Anyway, sounds like your MIL was very concerned and maybe over reacting. But if your LO seemed well enough for errands and a trip to MIL, then I'd assume she's not so sick that it warrants medication. Sounds like you kept a close eye on her and did what seemed right to you. Maybe have your hubby gently tell this to his mother and remind her as parents, you want what is best for your kid, you have looked into the best way to deal with fevers, and you are the final say smile.gif

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Ugh.  I hate dealing with overly concerned inlaws who only want 'what's best for your kid' and then practically accuse you of abuse for not doing things their way.  I feel your pain and angst.


I don't think fevers are a big deal. Period.  Nor do I think most febrile seizures are a big deal.  (throw tomatoes if you must).  It is beyond exceedingly rare that a fever will get high enough  to cause brain damage, the body just doesn't let that happen.  (Though I'm sure your well-meaning inlaw knows of several cases that it did happen). 


I only medicate for fevers if it is nighttime and they are so miserable they absolutely.can.not.sleep. 

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