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meemee's Avatar meemee 09:42 AM 06-05-2013

dd has always been sensitive to gluten, dairy and sugar. she could eat a little bit here and there, but not pig out on it.


so right when she turned 10 her hormones began acting up and she struggled with huge mood swings. 


and boom she could not eat ANY dairy or gluten and  not too much sugar.  she has missed a LOT of days from school due to bad tummy ache. seriously severe griping stomach aches.


why did she get stomach aches? because she could not stay away. everytime she cheated she paid for it the next day.


we tried every kind of 'sugar' and they all reacted. she reacted if she ate a whole small bag of skittles, or if she ate 6 tangerines. both were hard on her.


she definitely gets the sugar blues and becomes depressed and suicidal when she eats a lot of sugar.


then a couple of weeks ago she cheated. nothing. so she cheated even more. no stomach ache. she ate cheese and butter and no other form of dairy. she's gotten a little gassy. 


i am confused mamas. what is going on here. why can she have severe stomach aches at one time and none the other? what's up with that?

meemee's Avatar meemee 12:28 AM 06-09-2013

wow!!! no one? this hasnt happened to anyone?

stormborn's Avatar stormborn 02:04 AM 06-09-2013
Could it be hormonal, maybe? At a certain point in my cycle sugar makes me kinda sick and reeeaallly moody. I know she's only 10 but that's when my 11yo started swimming in hormones wink1.gif .
Maybe mark her reactions on a calender and see if a pattern shows?
SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 09:40 AM 06-09-2013

So much is unknown, allergies and intolerances are weird and unpredictable and much of our personal experience doesn't jibe with accepted knowledge.  I do know from my experience that both can come on, or at least worsen noticeably, in what seems like an instant.  


I also know that thinking about reactions can worsen them.  When I first was diagnosed with an oat allergy, and I started putting the pieces together with the symptoms I had been experiencing, I had to stop making granola for the girls because breathing the dust would make my heart race, same as if I was eating it.  Now I make it again, I avoid making big billows of dust, but I'm fine.  My brain was anticipating, and it delivered.  The "proof" is when I get a reaction without realizing what I've eaten until it was too late.


I also agree that hormones can upend any bodily function, and most of my current troubles with allergies started after my 2nd pregnancy.  Age has created a roller coaster of my dairy intolerance (thankfully I'm at the upend).  What I think about this is that if you are not 100% intolerant, sometimes your body can be trained to produce more enzymes, to an extent.  Or less, depending.


Anyway, I ramble.  


The point:  I wouldn't doubt that what you are experiencing is entirely what you think it is.  I would be careful if she is celiac, because I don't that will be coming and going and that can have long term consequences.  But, while I would be cautious, especially if having sugar has led to thoughts of suicide, I would take what you are experiencing at face value.

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