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Jennyanydots's Avatar Jennyanydots 01:09 PM 06-30-2013
A couple of days ago I noticed a strange cluster of bumps between my neck and my left shoulder blade. I couldn't get a good look at them, so I asked my daughter to look and she said they looked kinda like pimples. At first they didn't really hurt or itch, and I really don't remember how they caught my attention. By that evening, they were somewhat more inflamed, and DP said he thought it looked like a cluster of spider bites. The next day I didn't feel myself. I was exhausted and lethargic, and I had extreme skin sensitivity along the inside of my left arm. It was excruciating to feel fabric brush the skin around the rash or along my arm (this has lessened, but isn't gone completely). The lymph node on the left side of my neck also became (and remains) enlarged and tender. That night I took a Benadryl before bed. The next day, yesterday, the arm sensitivity was improved but otherwise things remained about the same. The pain and irritation of the rash itself has actually gotten somewhat worse. It's hard to not touch or scratch at it, my hand is drawn there unconsciously. I can't wear clothing that touches it or let my hair touch it without a lot of discomfort.

Anyway, I thought the onset of pain in shingles was supposed to precede the appearance of a rash. Also, if it is shingles, this would seem to be a pretty mild case. Is that likely? I'm also about 27 weeks pregnant. I'm thinking of making a dr's appointment tomorrow, but not sure because I'm not established with a doctor so it'd be a new patient appointment. I also don't want to take any drugs unless absolutely necessary. I started taking elderberry yesterday.

Any ideas? Similar experiences?

Jennyanydots's Avatar Jennyanydots 10:23 AM 07-01-2013
Has anyone had shingles?
Jennyanydots's Avatar Jennyanydots 12:08 PM 07-03-2013
No feedback? Too bad greensad.gif
HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 12:19 PM 07-03-2013

I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I've had shingles and one of the tricky things is that shingles can present differently in different people. I had all of the symptoms described here: The rash was sensitive to the touch (e.g. I couldn't comfortably put a shirt over where the rash was), but the pain was not so much at the skin level, it was a deeper pain. For shingles, in terms of natural remedies, what I found most helpful was cold compresses with baking soda.

Were you able to see a doctor?


I hope you feel better soon. smile.gif


PS Congratulations on pregnancy!

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