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4'sacharm's Avatar 4'sacharm 04:41 PM 05-26-2002
Dh has had chronic sinusitis for 8 months now. He's given in to any meds somebody suggests now for relief. He has surgery scheduled for polyp removal. He goes to an accupuncturist and sometimes gets sinus treatments from him. He really goes there for back and groin problems tho and if he works on the sinuses the other things don't get worked on. The doctor says he has a good track record with sinus problems and my question is; how long (how many treatments) does it usually take to see real improvement? Anyone?

bebe luna's Avatar bebe luna 10:49 PM 05-28-2002
Yes it will most likely do wonders!! Every person will respond differently. Usually the longer the illness has existed the more treatments it will take, and vice-versa. But he should see results w/in a couple sessions, maybe less. Chinese herbs would also help, as well as using a neti pot at home.