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I'm sure this is something that comes up often, so please bear with me.


For 8 years, I have been suffering with yeast infections. The longest I have ever gone without one was when I was breastfeeding, and I didn't get one for 6 months.


I have seen multiple doctors. I cannot use typical creams, as I am allergic. I take diflucan so much I want to cry. It's so hard on your liver :(

I've done yeast diets. I've tried homeopathy. I've tried vinegar, garlic, probiotics (which make things worse??) and a million other natural remedies.

I don't use scented products. I wear cotton undies. I use cloth pads. I shave or I don't shave..doesn't make a difference.


I'm seriously running out of solutions.


In the past 4 months, I have had one every 3-4 weeks. I get rid of one, I'm good for 2-3 weeks and then it is back. I'm on  a regimen right now of 150mg of diflucan every 3 days for 3 treatments.


I am cutting dairy out of my diet 100%, as I am concerned that maybe that is causing problems??


I don't know. I am just lost. When I get a YI, i get so sore and raw. It's awful. It's so painful. It takes forever for the infection to go away, AND my husband catches the YI as well (and yes, he treats himself too).


I don't want to accept that this is something I will have to live with forever. I am a young, healthy woman. What is wrong with me that would be causing this? It makes me so miserable and is ruining my sex life. Too much sex, and I get a YI...and DH can NEVER ejaculate in me, that's just a guarentee I will get an infection...


Can anyone offer suggestions??

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Sorry I don't have much to offer for advice but wanted to send my sympathies! I don't get frequent infections but have had my fair share and I know how awful they are. I once heard of a condition called candida, have you ever looked into that? I know that frequent yeast infections are a symptom among others and I believe it is a specific diet that helps control the condition. Might be worth checking into that if you haven't already. Hope you find a solution!!

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So, I have gotten them so bad that my entire body is inflamed, down below and my breasts and my ears are all itching/burning. The way that I finally got them under control was taking Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 3x day, garlic capsules, the liquid grapefruit seed extract , plus 60 Billlion probiotics a day....I did this religiously for 10 months. Now if I feel something coming on, I hit it hard with all of these things and stop any sugar....
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Oh and also, after sex I try to get out all the...ya the shower and then I swish 3% hydrogen peroxide up there with my fingers....Lol! I'm not sure why I do all this but hey- it works! Good luck mama!
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I have the exact same problem. My DH gets them as well, but simple otc yeast treatments work on him in a day. For me, nothing works. The only natural method I can think of that I haven't tried is boric acid, so that will be next. I've done the anti yeast diets too, but all those did was give me terrible stomach cramps and no relief whatsoever. I even removed my iud (I had the paragard, which I thought might have contributed to the problem) but so far have found no relief. Our sex life is destroyed and it's put a huge strain on our relationship. Sex may mean a lot to me, but to DH without it, it's like we're just friends. I can't stand much more of this. If I had health insurance I would have just gotten the anti yeast pill from the dr.

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