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adinal 01-19-2014 07:44 PM

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I use them occasionally. I am horrible with headaches, they make me not functional.  Recently I have had a couple of friends tell me they don't use pain killers at all.  When I asked them, they just said they didn't believe in them.  (This response usually makes me want to remind them they aren't ghosts, but actual things...:lol)


However, it did pique my interest, and so I thought I would ask. 

grahamsmom98 01-21-2014 07:23 AM

I have a very high tolerance to pain.  After surgeries, I've had doctors/health care providers say they are amazed that I haven't taken anything, as most of their patients, going through the same thing, would have been screaming for drugs! 


I was brought up to really look at any pain I have and to find ways to address it without going to take pill.  Mom raised strong kids and we are all grateful to her!


I avoid them as I prefer to work on other pain-management options.  Sleep (I can make myself fall asleep without using pills), change of position, massage, heat or cold and things like arnica have helped me better than pain drugs.


I am very sensitive to meds (because I so rarely take any).  When I have been given them (i.e.: when I awoke to find I was on a morphine drip after my hysterectomy, against my wishes), I am woozy for a couple of days after discontinuing them.  I hate that out-of-it feeling. 


If I have a headache, I even avoid OTC remedies.  More often than not, a big glass of water will help immediately, If that doesn't a nap (even 10 minutes of time relaxing in a dark room) almost always does the trick.

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