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mandy9309 02-04-2014 01:59 AM

First off, please be respectful, some of what I have to say is still on the touchy subject. It's taken me two months to even make a post, but now I am here with questions and concerns.
Let me just start from the beginning, I had my daughter in February 2009, one month later I got the Implanon birth control inserted, I had such issues with it that I bled for 9 months straight, and they had to additionally put me on the pill, which I continued to use for a whole year later, that helped. Well I had the Implanon removed in March of 2011, two years later. I was not sexually active during the time of having the Implanon, or since having my daughter.
I then used the Nuva Ring from January 2012 to October 2012, which was an awesome birth control for my body, causes no issues, during the time of using it, I was still not sexually active. Well in November 2012, I ended up having sex just once (and one month from stopping using the Nuva Ring) and I ended up getting pregnant. I am very young, and I have my reasonings, but I was no longer pregnant in January of 2013, during that time I had the Mirena implanted, and bled very little from insertion to absolutely nothing. In May 2013, I was passing clots and ended up having an ultrasound, but everything was fine, my ovaries had blood flow and my body was accepting the Mirena otherwise. By the end of November 2013, I had gained in total over 50 pounds, I am not a doctor and I don't need to be criticized over this, but I removed my Mirena myself, fully frustrated and I hadn't had a period since insertion, I was having cramps really bad, and during the time of using Mirena I did not engage in sexual intercourse of any sort. After removing it, I bled normal for about 6 days and then it completely stopped. Well it's now been all December and all January and I have yet to have a period of any sort. The only differences I noticed was really bad acne for about 3 weeks in January that is now clearing up, and that my cervix does feel enlarged slightly, but about the same as with Mirena. How long should I wait for a period or when should I start to worry. (Last additional comment, I did have sex for the first time since removing Mirena this past week, unprotected)

One_Girl 02-08-2014 11:57 PM

I never had a gap with my period or weight gain but did have clumpy bleeding once on Mirena. I think you should see a gynecologist to see if something else is causing irregular periods and weight gain if you don't get your period soon. I've heard that six months is the longest you should go without a period for health reasons.

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