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pedscst's Avatar pedscst 09:35 AM 03-11-2014
I was wondering if anyone out there has had experience with gallstones and pregnancy. After my son's birth 41/2 years ago I went to the ER with what I later found out was probably due to passing a gallstone. I was not admitted and it was recommended that I have my gallbladder out. I decided not to due to the fact that I had never had any issues, my gallbladder was healthy per the ultrasounds and test, and I wanted to address the cause, not the symptoms. 4 1/2 years later, I went to the ER again (no symptoms in between) and found out I have 2 very tiny (2-3mm) and one larger (1.2 cm) gallstone. Again, labs normal, healthy Liver and gallbladder. Again, the recommendation is to schedule surgery to remove the gallbladder, which again I have declined (no symptoms since episode beg of January). I found a pcp who supports keeping my gallbladder and trying some natural ways to dissolve the stones and hopefully find out why I am producing them as I do not meet the "typical" criteria. I am considering another pregnancy and am.wondering if anyone had had experience with pregnancy and gallstones. My midwife in my current city said to have my gallbladder removed before pregnancy so I don't have to "worry about it" and a midwife from another city that I moved from said it was more risky to have the surgery than to move forward with the pregnancy with the gallbladder and stones. Any thoughts?

Red Pajama's Avatar Red Pajama 10:16 AM 03-11-2014

I have occasional trouble with my gallbladder, which started within a year of my twins' birth. I found a naturopath who worked with me, (massage, accupuncture, supplements) and set me right. It takes a bit to feel better, but the result last for a long while. 


I'm quite skeptical of alternative medicine in genreal, and probably wouldn't have gone, except that my tests were all "normal", my pain and inability to eat anything without issue was troublesome, and the docs could only recommend surgery.  Google pointed out that people with my symptoms often still had symptoms after removal of the gall bladder. So I tried something else. and it worked.  


THe supplement, if you want to look for it yourself, was AF betafood, made by standard process. I've not found anything comprable at GNC, but you might be able to get it from a regular chiropractor.

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