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loveandkindness's Avatar loveandkindness 08:18 PM 03-26-2014
I am hoping one of you smart mamas has the answer to curing motion sickness. The backstory -- we adopted a 5-year-old in July from an orphanage in Eastern Europe who had never been in a car. From the day we picked her up (and had to drive 5 hours to the capital!) she has been horribly sick in the car and vomits often. Obviously this makes it hard to do fun things and go fun places, let alone the places we MUST go.

Here's what we've tried so far:
1) PSI bands on the wrists
2) ginger chews, ginger capsules, fresh ginger root to smell
3) driving only in an SUV, since she seems to do better in my husband's SUV than in my sedan, although she still does get sick
4) cold compresses on her neck and driving with the window open
5) dramamine (doesn't help)
6) heavy duty patch medicine which helps but can only be used for long trips because it puts her to sleep
7) Covering the back windows so she can only see out straight ahead

I looked in my homeopathy books but couldn't figure out what to try. Any ideas? Herbs? Chiropractic? (I've considered chiropractic but since she currently has 5 hours of therapy a week and at least one dr's appt each week, it is tough to fit in.)

Would appreciate any ideas! Thanks!

fisherfamily's Avatar fisherfamily 09:09 PM 03-26-2014
My first thought is chiropractic, followed by an eye exam, followed by an ent to rule out inner ear issues.

This may sound odd, but I read somewhere that it takes figure skaters up to two years to stop feeling dizzy, but eventually they really do get past it! Maybe there are exercises and games to do with her to build up toleranceo riding in the car?
adinal's Avatar adinal 09:41 PM 03-26-2014

I hate to be the bearer of bad news....sometimes you just get motion sick.  And there is nothing to be done about it.


I was like your daughter.  Every time we got in the car.  It eased up as I got older and taller and could see out the windows, but the fact is, I still, to this day cannot sit in the back seat of a car.  I also cannot ride on boats, planes can get dicey and trains are okay as long as I have my wrist bands on and have taken a dramamine.  


Chiropractic, acupuncture, no inner ear issues, - nothing has helped.  I just get motion sick.


So, that being said - the things that help are mostly what you have listed.  Keeping cool, being able to see out the windows in front, NO reading or looking down at activities, making sure my stomach isn to empty - happens faster when I am hungry, having wind on my face (seems to help my body and my brain get together on the idea that I am moving), wrist bands help for mild movement, and dramamine/bonine. Being able to sit in the front seat made the largest difference.


I learned early on to put myself to sleep in the car when we had to go someplace. I still do that if I am not driving.  Mostly I drive, because I don't get sick when I am piloting the car. 


It sucks. I'm so sorry for your and your daughter.  I wish I had better advice. :(

Simenyiwe's Avatar Simenyiwe 01:06 PM 03-27-2014
That still happens a lot with me and I'm 26,but I've noticed that when the driver is driving well I don't get motion sickness,unless I look down for a while..pity I use a taxi to go to and from work,our driver is careless ,the hitting back and forth on the seat is the usual thing ,but I can't get used to it.I hope you child will out grow it.
pepin's Avatar pepin 04:05 PM 03-27-2014

I have a friend who has her daughter listen to books on cd in the car.  It works for them after trying everything else.

One_Girl's Avatar One_Girl 01:41 AM 03-30-2014
I don't throw up anymore but I do get nauseous even when driving. Salty foods, stopping frequently to walk around, and sleep (when not driving) help a lot.
grahamsmom98's Avatar grahamsmom98 11:15 AM 04-01-2014

Why is she being treated by doctors?  Why a chiro?


Perhaps her motion sickness is involved with whatever heath issues she has.

Spiderpig's Avatar Spiderpig 02:52 PM 04-06-2014

As Adina said, sometimes motion sickness just can't be helped. But I have sat in the back of the car with Juniper and helped her gaze at far off objects, for looking at the furthest possible distance has helped reduce this vomiting. Looking at close objects while travelling makes one go slightly dizzy as one's eyes cannot keep focussed. Another tip I found helpful was making a tisane from mashed ginger root steeped in hot water and allowed to cool. Ginger as you probably know has good anti inflammatory properties, so a little sweetened ginger drink of this tisane won't hurt. Persist with the ginger chews; even long term they are helpful. Even during a time of rough seas on a cruise our family went on last week, chewing crystallised ginger worked out very well.

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