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noahsmum's Avatar noahsmum 08:48 PM 05-29-2002
I've had a toe fungus for years now and have tried the over the counter stuff, but no luck. Heard prescribed meds work, but I'm sure it's potent, plus I'm nursing, so I can't anyway.

Open for any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

3boysmom's Avatar 3boysmom 01:39 PM 05-30-2002
There was a thread on this a while ago. My mom has a problem with this too so I paid attention. I remember someone had good luck with vicks vaporub and someone else said teatree oil.
Corriander's Avatar Corriander 02:08 PM 05-30-2002
My boyfriend many years back had toe fungus. He had had it since he was a kid. We lived on Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia for one summer. We were barefoot and in the ocean all the time. After a few weeks he started to notice that the fungus was going away. It went away entirely and, as far as I know, (I haven't seen him in some time) it never came back.

Short of going to the ocean, maybe try soaking in salt water. I have also heard of people using vinegar for this and exema - which is a fungus too (I think?)

good luck