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Elizabeth's Avatar Elizabeth 03:00 AM 05-30-2002
My son is scheduled to get ear tubes on Friday, I am scared to death. Has anyone else been through this? This is really a last resort for us. He is 17 months old and has had 6 ear infections since January. We see a very progressive pediactrician who is also a homeopath. We use homeopathics and garlic oil to treat the infections (we only used antibiotics once - when the infection was still present after 7 days and my son was miserable) and they have been sucessful. But the infections keep returning, almost every 25 days. My son often has fluid in his ears and it is affecting his equilibrium and his speech. I am still nursing, do not smoke and have never put my son in day care. My son does not eat dairy or sugar. But part of me feels like I have failed and that somehow I could have prevented this. The ENT surgeon told me that it is my son's anatomy and that I can't change it. Thanks for letting me vent, I am having a hard time accepting this!

amandajf's Avatar amandajf 03:43 AM 05-30-2002
have you tried a chiropractir or accupuncturist or chinese herbs? i know they can work wonders.. don't feel like a failure.. spit happens right? some babies have sinus problems and until their anatomy developes allof the waythey will have fluid problem in their inner ears.
BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 03:48 AM 05-30-2002
I'm sorry, I have no experience. But, I am sooo sorry you're going through this. Sounds like you've really tried, and you're just up against his anatomy.

BTW: We did have incredible success having his tubes drained by a chiropractor. He showed us how to do it at home, too.
khrisday's Avatar khrisday 04:05 AM 05-30-2002
My son FINALLY got ear tubes at age 5 (I had been trying to convince the doctor that he had needed them for the past coupld years) and I have never regretted it- he did great during surgery, and has only had one slight infection since (he normally gets quick onset very severe ones) so it has definately helped.
AmyG's Avatar AmyG 12:14 PM 05-30-2002
I got tubes in my ears and my adenoids out when I was 7, and I remember being thankful even then. I had been so sick all of the time, and this just made everything so much better. I know that it's scary for you any time your child has surgery, but I think you'll both be grateful in the long run.
maatmama's Avatar maatmama 12:30 PM 05-30-2002
my son just got tubes on the 15th of this month......he is 16 months old and I have tried EVERYTHING this past winter....chiro, homeopathy, nutrition, allergy testing (he's allergic to nothing), herbs, wait and see, and antibiotics.......the constant fluid in his ears was beginning to affect his speech, hearing and equilibrium, not to mention having been subjected to ALL those modalities all winter....finally I went to the ENT and reviewed my ds history and the ENT pointed out that (after reading my written medical history of my ds) that he had fluid at his 2 week ped visit and that it also must be anatomical.....I was hearbroken because I also am still breastfeeding, vegan, no dairy, no smoking, as natural as possible I nor his dad never had a sinus infection yet it happened...and it helped IMMEDIATELY......mucus starting coming out of his nose and mouth.......so for me and my family it was a good decision...
Elizabeth's Avatar Elizabeth 12:52 PM 05-30-2002
for all of your replies. I am trying to have comfort in knowing that I have tried everything. Maatmama - how was the surgery? Did your son do okay? Did you? Is it really just 10 or 15 minutes? Were you with him when he was put under? They told me that I can be if I want and I am not sure what to do. Of course I want to be there but the ENT said it is harder for some parents. He said that they will have to hold my son down while they place the mask on his face and many parents feel really helpless. I just wanttomorrow to be over! Thanks again.
maatmama's Avatar maatmama 01:03 PM 05-30-2002
They gave him a mild sedative before he went into the operating room.....and he was out in 8 minutes (really i timed it i'm neurotic about keeping medical records) he was cranky ( i was nervous because the baby before him came out SCREAMING and screamed for 20 minutes) and I breastfed him immediately like i said earlier mucos starting coming out of his nose and mouth (so the breastfeeding was on and off) I left the hospital earlier than the baby before us because my ds had sufficiently "calmed down" probably because my family and friends (about 10 of us) was in the little recovery room so he felt comfortable seeing familiar faces and he had the comfort of the breast.....by the time we got home (15 minutes) he was sleep and he slept for 3 hours and got up and was his normal self.....I have noticed over the past couple of weeks since the surgery that he is speaking at a tremendous rate (new words and phrases daily) and so far no infections....since he went through so much i am going to spend the summer (i am a teacher so i have off) rebuilding his immune system with whole foods and having fun! he missed so much being sick this winter....
maatmama's Avatar maatmama 01:04 PM 05-30-2002
when i said he was out in 8 minutes i meant out of the operating room......
khrisday's Avatar khrisday 01:45 PM 05-30-2002
I second the vote for pre-surgery sedative. My son went off happy as a lark, but he was in surgery for quite a while- over an hour. He was done with surgery, but took a long time coming out of anesthesia (he also had his adenoids removed at the same time so that accounts for osme of the time)
Ravenmoon's Avatar Ravenmoon 03:51 PM 05-30-2002
I had 5 surgeries between the ages of 2-5 to put tubes in.They kept coming out and they kept putting them back in!I just remember being freaked afterwards when i was in the waiting room.I woke up alone in a room full of other people who just came out of surgery and some were screaming in pain.Stay with your babe afterwards and just give them lots of loving.It wasn't bad before i do remember the puking after coming out of the anesthesia.My ears now,22 years later,are so scarred up and i recently have been having ear infections again after not having any since i was 5.I don't really know how effective it is but maybe they have improved the surgery since then.