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Ear infection in a 4 month old

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I've been searching the threads and the net for info on ear infections and antibiotics, and have only found info on ear infections in babies 6 months and older (which, the consensus seems to be, should be treated by the "wait and see" approach before giving antibiotics). My ds is only 4 months old. I took him to the ped today b/c he had a fever last night (100.4), has a mucousy sounding cough, and isn't eating like he usually does. The ped said he had an ear infection in both ears and presribed amoxicillin. I told her I'd like to avoid antibiotics (ds has been exposed to a lot of antibiotics through me). She said she'd be ok with that in a 6 month old, but not a 4 month old. What do you think about that? Does anyone have any experience with using the wait and see approach and/or alternative rememdies in babes younger than 6 months?
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I have been lucky that both of my girls never got too many ear infections & neither had one before 6 months. That said, I did have very good luck with clearing them up when they did get them by putting breast milk in their ears. I know that sounds totally odd & I can't remember where I read about this "alternative" treatment, but I figure that it certainly cannot hurt!

The latest AAP guidelines do recommend antibiotics for babies under 6 months of age:

Your doc does seem to be following those recommendations & I honestly cannot say if you should or should not go with the antibiotics - sorry!
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Incidentally I posted on this forum just last week regardig Ear Infection. My 5 month old caught ear infection (in one ear) last week. The Ped recommended amoxicillin. Initially I too was hesitant but very soon decided to go ahead as we are travelling international tomorrow. After taking amoxicillin (the dosage is 3x for 10days) some 2-3 times he did get relief. But soon after he has developed some rashes which the doc says is a yeast infection..I am soooo waiting for the last dosage of the antibiotic (tomorrow is the 10th day).. The yeast infection rashes continue to exist inspite of applying ointments. The Ped is not very concerned but I am for now it has become itchy.. I am again going to the Ped tomorrow for this.. Really pain since this ear infection started..I am praying that he does not catch it again particularly on our vacation which starts tomorrow.

My advice to you, is that after searching a lot on the web, posting here and speaking to co-workers I am told it is ok to wait for some short time before giving antibiotics. For pain relief you can give him some tylenol and see if the infection clears in a day or two. If it does not then you can start the antibiotics for you do not want it to worsen. My son used to constantly cry in pain when he first caught the infection last week..Please do update this thread with what you decided to do. Wish your son a very speedy recovery--
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Were your babe's ears actually infected or just red and swollen with fluid? Some doc's will tell you that the red/swollen/fluid situation is an infection as this is a situation where infection is likely to occur and may need treatment, when in actuality, they may not yet be infected. Does your babe seem to be in any pain? Is there any pussy discharge from the ear? Is your ds rubbing or pulling at his ears? If it were me, I'd prob wait at least 24-48 hours and see if the symptoms improve at all. If you can get back into see your ped after 24 to 48 hr to have her check your ds's ears, this would be good as well. If no improvement after this time, I would prob take the antibiotics. But that's just me!

Good luck and I hope your wee one is feeling better soon!
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Antibiotics will cause a yeast infection or worse. So the best aproach is 'wait and see' . You might want to give some decongestant because it is much less invasive than antibiotics and he may only need one or two doses after which you can stop giving it.

Usually there is not really an ear 'infection' but rather fluid build up behind the ear which can be drained by giving decongestant and keeping him upright for a while.

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Thank you for your replies. I had decided to take the wait and see approach b/c his fever was gone and I didn't see him pulling at his ears ( I did give him Tylenol cold and put bm in his ears). However, last night the fever was back and whenever he tried to nurse he would scream and pull his ear closed. So I gave him the amoxicillin. I hope I did the right thing.

Gokiamma, I hope the yeast infection clears up soon. You're probably swamped getting ready to travel (if you haven't left already!), but I know some women here give babies a form of probiotics to combat the yeast (I can't remember what it's called). Bon voyage!

Thanks again for all the replies. I'd be lost without MDC!
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My daughter (6 months old) has seen one since she was 6 weeks old, and had colic which was "cured" after two adjustments.
My son has been to a chiropractor since he was 8 or 10 weeks old.

My son (almost 5 years old) had a few perhaps just one or two ear infections, none caused pain, I only found out he had one when he woke in the morning with sticky "stuff" around his ear and in his hair.

Chiropractic care, has been found to reduce the number and severity of ear infections. (and other things)

my children have never had antibiotics.
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Thanks, Chelly. I've been thinking about taking DS to a chiropractor for awhile. Your post was what I needed to kick my butt in gear. Thanks!
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Oh Fantastic, I know it will make the world of difference!!

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Just wanted to post an update on DS and his antibiotics. I gave him 5 doses of amoxicillin as scheduled. About an hour after the 5th dose, he began to cry inconsolably and broke out in a red rash all over his face. We were out of town, so we took him to the ER, where they suspected an allergic reaction to the antibiotic (the rash had cleared for the most part a few minutes after we arrived), so they switched him to Zithromax. I don't know what to make of all this. I just wish he hadn't needed antibiotics at all. Thankfully, he seems fine now.
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Sorry to hear about the allergic rxn! I just wanted to add that if and when you do decide to give your kiddo a round of antibiotics, it's *VERY* important that he (or anyone for that matter) finish ALL of the medication! Even if he's feeling better and there doesn't seem to be any need, it's very impt to finish every last pill (or drop as the case may be). If you don't this is how antibiotic reisitance can occur!
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