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asherah's Avatar asherah 09:34 AM 07-02-2002
Has anyone used this?
Does it work?
Is it safe for a 2 month old?
I'd like to try it but I am new to homeopathy and want to make sure it is the right thing, thanks.

Inwe Surion's Avatar Inwe Surion 01:51 PM 07-02-2002
I have not used Boiron's colic remedy. I did use Hyland's, though. While technically my dd did not have colic, she did benefit from the remedy. It is safe to use at any age.
BAU3's Avatar BAU3 03:43 PM 07-02-2002
I've used it for both of my ds's when they had gas.. never had any problems with it and it seemed to work well.. although neither of my kids had terrible colic or anything....
mama2jonah's Avatar mama2jonah 07:23 PM 07-03-2002
Most homeopathic colic remedies work reasonably well, although using a carefully chosen single remedy works better.

Also, My son's colic disappeared after a series of chiropractic adjustments. It's worth a try.
tessamami's Avatar tessamami 04:55 PM 07-05-2002
Is baby spitting up quite a bit? That is perfectly normal for a baby this young. Give it time, it will get better.

My DD was fine until around 4 mos. when she started teething, colic etc. and it went away in a couple of weeks. I sat her up after eating or held her upright, burped her often - DH was better at this and spent hours rocking her. Hang in - it does get better.
asherah's Avatar asherah 05:08 PM 07-05-2002
How would I carefully choose a single remedy? I am so new at this.. is there a book you could recommend or a website?
I'd consult with a naturopath, but I am not sure how to find a reputable one. No one I know here in Atlanta uses them and I hesitate to just pick one out of the phone book KWIM?

Same with a chiropracter. I don't know anyone who takes their infant to a chiropracter, and I'd need to be very sure he/she was good before taking DS.
mama2jonah's Avatar mama2jonah 02:56 AM 07-06-2002
Hi asherah!

First, about homeopaths. Naturpaths do use homeopathy, but most are not what I would call homeopaths. Most homeopaths are MD's who did graduate work in homeopathy. They went to a homeopathic college and are extensively trained in the art and science of prescribing homeopathic medicines. Look for a web directory of holisitic doctors and you might find what you're looking for. I might do some research for you myself.

A good homeopathic guide to start with is Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Maesimund B Panos. This is the book that got me started. There are many very good books about homeopathy for just pregnancy and childcare, most good healthfood stores have them, and if not, try Borders or Barnes and Noble. Also, if you are interested in using homeopathy regularly, try to find a good Materia Medica with a repertory. The Materia Medica is an extensive list of remedies and their actions. A repertory is a symptoms guide which helps you find the correct remedy.

As for chiropracters, try searching the web for a chiropractic organization that has a directory. Also, any good chiropracter should be able to provide you with a list of references of people who have used their services. You can call them and ask their opinion about the doctors skill with children. Also, try to find one that has been in practice for a long time. Ask everyone you know if they go to a chiropracter and what they think about theirs.

And remember, don't be afraid to use the colic remedy, it won't hurt her and it will probably help. You're just more likely to get better results by using a well chosen single remedy.

I almost forgot, a very good websight for homeopathy is

Edit. I just found a good websight to help you search for alternative practitioners. It's You can search for any type of practitioner including homeopaths.
asherah's Avatar asherah 12:45 PM 07-06-2002
Hey, thanks tons!
angela&avery's Avatar angela&avery 04:28 PM 07-08-2002
Just wanted to add that my son sees a chiropractor. He is a close family friend and even came in to check his spine the day after he was born, but as I had a midwife and a natural birth (no pulling on his poor little head) he didnt even need an adjustment. My son is 13 mo. old, had no colic and ear infections only when teething. (which have ceased since about 11 mo old). Please note that when they adjust babies they use only their fingertips and are very gentle.

Also, do look for someone who has been in practice for a long time, do like on the internet.

And, my son and neice were both gassy, and we used an herbal compound called children compound which worked awesome on both of them when they were gassy babies. It has chamomile flower, lemon balm leaf and flower, catnip leaf and flower, and fennel seed. My herbal store in town makes the compunds and sells them.
bzmom's Avatar bzmom 01:27 AM 07-09-2002
I use baby's bliss gripe water. It is absolutely wonderful. I use it on my ds, and boy you should hear the gas coming out of that little body within minutes. After I give it to him, I help the gas out by peddling his legs then balling them up towards his body. It simply amazes me how his body can have that much air inside it. If I don't use the Baby's Bliss, he stiffens his legs and won't bend them for me to peddle. You should give it a try it works great.

Dr. Mojo's Avatar Dr. Mojo 09:57 PM 07-12-2002
First about the Boiron- for what its worth we have used it quite a bit with sporadic positive results and consider it perfectly safe. The pre-diluted plastic vials are a godsend!
Of course, with our child who had a brief colicky period by far the most effective response was diet change- the eliminiation diet- wheat, caffeine, sugar, etc. but I'm sure you're already aware of that.

As far as chiropractic goes, you're getting good advice so far. I am a chiropractor who specializes in care for babies, children and pregnant women. That's a good idea-to ask for a referral from another family- I wish more patients did that! Look for signs that the DC has a practice which focuses on kids' care: it is different, and you can't just superimpose adjusting techniques for adults onto kids or babies. The word "family" often appears in the practice name. At the office, the waiting room should be filled with toys, the doctor should be comfortable working with kids, and the office flow should accomodate them without making you feel like you are an imposition. My wife (also a DC) and I had our baby at home alone, and I adjusted him in the first 30 seconds! It is a good healthy and important thing to do and worth the effort to find a good one for your kids.

Good luck!