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mommy22's Avatar mommy22 02:34 AM 07-27-2002
I have been insured with the same insurance company for about 13 years. No problems. But the rates are going up so we have looked into other insurance.

We found one that we liked but apparantly I won't be accepted because I have fibroids! This sounds crazy to me. Don't ALOT of women have them. They are usually harmless, and mine don't give me any problems other than occasional heavy bleeding (this has happened like twice) and some occasional pain.

What's the deal!!?

Am I wrong to think that firbroids are common. Should I be more concerned about them than I am.

We are finished having children, so I really am not concerned about them. The doctor has never indicated that there was a problem.

Any feedback would be great.

peggy's Avatar peggy 07:15 PM 07-28-2002
It seems to me that fibroids are pretty common. I have had them before with out a problem too.

That said, we have been turned down for insurance because my son has psoriasis!!! Insurance co.'s can be so fickle!!

merpk's Avatar merpk 12:05 AM 08-01-2002
I have huge fibroid problems (that is, the fibroids get huge). While pg with DS#1 the largest one grew to the size of a melon ... (and with DS born at 9.4 lbs, I looked ... ahem ... very big).

Anyway, I was told that while mine are unusual, one out of every four women has fibroids.

Sounds pretty common to me.

Isn't there some kind of insurance overseer agency in your state? You might also want to contact an insurance broker ... or a lawyer. Because that sounds a little fishy to me.

- Amy