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Susana's Avatar Susana 12:02 AM 08-01-2002
Hi everyone
I am so upset tonight, I hope someone can tell me what they think...
I'll try to make it brief-
For about the last week or so I have been feeling fatigued, and I am used to that since I had Epstein Barr about a year and a half ago. Well, I am thinking I am stressed, I will take it easy and cut out all sugar and I know the drill and I will be fine...
So, yesterday I get this pain in my armpit-not horrible, but pain, and then I feel this little lump under my arm. Now, my period is coming probably tomorrow and I have had breast pain in the breast nearest this armpit before periods, and I am thinking it is all from pending cycle.
Then stupid me calls my OB to tell him about it and ask what he thinks-and he puts me on an antibiotic and tells me to see if it goes away. I am thinking, all right, breast infection could cause the fatigue and all, but then I think-where the heck could I get a breast infection while I am not nursing? Haven't nursed for about 3 years now. Now I am it a breast infection? Is it just monthly bill stuff? And of course I am terrified of cancer, which has crossed my mind.
Is it likely to have a breast infection while not nursing? Anyone know??

peggy's Avatar peggy 09:19 AM 08-01-2002
It could be a swollen or infected lymph node. I get these a lot in my neck and armpit/breast area. Especially when I get runned down or have a flu or cold. This has happened ever since I had a severe case of Mono when I was a teenager. Sometimes just being over tired can do it. I am thinking it may be related to your having had Epstien Barr virus.
But if you're really worried have the Doc do a more thourough check.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Carmen's Avatar Carmen 09:52 AM 08-01-2002
I have never had a swollen lymph node in my armpit, but I do get one on the back of my neck that swells up from mosqito bites, colds, infections... One time it was swollen for more that a year! The doctor told me to stop poking at it. Sure enough, it finally went back down.:

Definately talk to your doctor more about this if you are worried. Ask for tests. It is a good use of your energy and health to be anxious about it.