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leafylady's Avatar leafylady 12:09 PM 08-04-2002
I've been looking over different strength training books- specifically for a well rounded, simple exercise program that I can do at home with dumbbells only. I don't have barbells or a weight bench and I don't have room for them in my little toy packed house. There are so many books that it's hard to choose, and I'm only choosing from the ones in the library.
Do any of you have any suggestions, something that's been successful for you? I want a program to lose just a little weight (5 lbs) and to shape up overall.

DeChRi's Avatar DeChRi 02:42 PM 08-05-2002
I don't have a book, but I have 7 excercises that were given me by my personal trainer (i say "my" trainer, i met with him once!) that you can do anywhere with bumbells and works your entire body. It will take me a little bit to gather my info and type it all, but if you don't mind waiting a couple days, i'll be happy too.

leafylady's Avatar leafylady 03:10 PM 08-05-2002
I don't mind waiting. Thanks in advance for taking the time to do that.