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PB's Mom's Avatar PB's Mom 02:27 PM 10-23-2004
My baby is now 18 months old. The other night he was cold and clammy. He wasn't hot. Nothing unusual going on. His brother had a fever a couple of nights before, so maybe he had a touch of some kind of bug.

Last year during the summer, he was always cold and clammy. He's very heat sensitive. Anything over about 77 he can't tolerate. Does anyone know if this is anything to be concerned about? Of course the Dr. says, "So what?.....he's heat sensitive."

Why is he heat sensitive? He has fair skin. Is it just part of who he is? Or is there something wrong with the way his body regulates his temperature?

A little a newborn he had rapid breathing, reflux, food sensitivities, constant stuffy nose, etc. etc....

One other thing that concerns me is that every time I take a vitamin with iron, he has green stools. Why is he sensitive to iron? Is this something I should be concerned about?

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.