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Seeking Refuge's Avatar Seeking Refuge 07:21 PM 12-09-2004
I will be four weeks postpartum tomorrow.
I was wondering if I am right about this my symptoms are:

high abdominal cramping pretty painful at times
gassy burping
bad Diarrhea
usually happens right after I eat dinner.
I get a nauseous headache with it sometimes.

Does anyone have any other ideas. I am wondering what I can do to help this naturally.

jaam's Avatar jaam 07:40 PM 12-09-2004
I dunno but (I'm 7 mos postpartum) and every once in a while, in the evenings, I'll get intense upper ab pain that can turn into what feels like back pain sort of. It's gotten so bad a couple times that it makes me nauseous to the point of throwing up. Usually only happens if I've eaten really rich foods that day. So I'll be here :
jaam's Avatar jaam 07:42 PM 12-09-2004
Oh yeah, and congrats on your new little one!
Satori's Avatar Satori 04:08 PM 12-10-2004
Stop eating fat! I'm serious, a low-no fat diet is the treatment for immediate relief. A lot of Dr's say you need to get your gal bladder removed but I think a flush should be tried first. Look online for "gallbladder flush" and you'll get the directions. Seems easy enough but I haven't had time to do it.
jaam's Avatar jaam 08:08 PM 12-10-2004
But would eating extremely little or no fat be healthy while breastfeeding?
Seeking Refuge's Avatar Seeking Refuge 08:28 PM 12-10-2004
I was wondering about that myself. I wouldn't be comfortable cutting back any more than I do now.
mom2tig99Nroo03's Avatar mom2tig99Nroo03 08:52 PM 12-10-2004
well, i went the surgical route with mine, (my dd was a brand new baby too) but there wasnt much of a choice. mine was so inflamed it was about to rupture. my dad's did rupture while i was pg with dd.

the surgeon said the majority of his patients gettin gb removal are postpartum moms. the weight fluctauaions added to the hormone changes in pregnancy seem to be somewhat responsible.

gall bladder problems also *seem* to run in families. my mom had hers taken out when i was young. my sister just had to have hers removed a few months ago (her baby was born in june)

hope you get feeling better soon either way mama!

if you arent in *extreme* pain, i would probably try the flush first, as long as it wont be harmful to your nursling.
lynchmon's Avatar lynchmon 09:08 PM 12-10-2004
When I got my ultrasound at 5 months they noticed I had gall stones. I've never had any sort of flare up until after DS was born. I've had a few, but only after eating fatty meals (not all fatty meals though). My symptoms start with what feels like an upset stomach, then I get pain in the upper abdominal area on the right side, an ache in my lower back I’m assuming it’s my liver, then I get so nauseous I run for the bathroom! It’s pretty uncomfortable and I can’t really do anything while I’m having these “attacks”. I just cut down on the fat and don’t seem to have them. I'm hoping to avoid the surgery route.