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moneca's Avatar moneca 06:14 PM 01-04-2005
Sorry if this grosses anyone out, but I have to ask. My dd has had BAD yeast (rash in pits, belly button, and over ear). I finally started probiotics correctly and started grape root for yeast about 3 days ago. She is sleeping better, increased appetite, and happier already! I noticed that her poop today smelled much more like benign smelling breastmilk poop than it had since I started solids. She has had some form of the yeast since 4 months. Could starting to get her yeast under control change the smell that much? Can't imagine what else it could be from since her multiple allergies cause her to eat the same thing day after day. Thanks!

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KJP_starmama's Avatar KJP_starmama 07:02 PM 01-04-2005
I think flora in the gut do have an affect on it, but I think it varies. Sometimes probiotics make my dd a little constipated, and those poops are stinky. Sometimes, her poops don't have much smell at all. She is on a regimen high in fruits and veggies, so maybe that plays a role, too.

What are you doing differently with the probiotics? Just curious.
moneca's Avatar moneca 10:58 PM 01-04-2005
I was placing the probiotics in the breastmilk that I had warmed and I think the temp might have destroyed the probiotics. I'm now placing it in cold applesauce. I was such a Silly mommy.