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I have gotten lot and lots of great info here on vax, medicated birth, etc., and wanted to ask your ladies opinion on Over The Counter medications for kids.

Do you know how bad/safe is Children's Tylenol (in suggested doses of course)?

What about Cough Syrups?

Please feel free to point me to a thread if this discussion already took place here.

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To my knowledge, acetominophen is hard on the liver. Personally, I don't use OTC ever. i feel that anything that can hurt you in large doses probably shouldn't be taken in small doses either. Just my opinion, though. Go with what feels right for you.
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Nature provides so many phytonutrients that our body crave, especially when we are ill, that drug therapies are not only an inefficient gamble, but a waste of money.

My son is non-vaxed and his immune system is gangbusters. He just got over 2 viruses (flu and fifth disease) that he caught the same day (our friend's children are in day-care and school). The rash of the fifth disease lasted for 10 minutes-- that was it.

His measles at 16 months was a so simple and easy-- he barely had a rash and it never got past his chest and back. It was also very light.

Cod liver oil for Vit. A which viruses deplete as the body is fighting them off(molecularly distilled to eliminate any industrial toxins), Vit C (a 60%-40% Organic rose hip/ Vit.C powder) in juice smoothie, Goodpapa's Probiotic yogurt (2 types: Jarrodophilus, Ethical Nutrients Acidophilus and Bifidorum) ...

..and yes, he was cheating a little with plenty of Ne-Ne (breastmilk)--- although that probably wasn't as big a component of the healing process as it was when he was a wee lad (tomorrow is his 3rd birthday)

Here's a lil' bit from Jamie Murphy's "What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization" on

"The Protective Factors in Breastmilk"

"Breast milk has proven to inhibit the growth of many bacteria and viruses in laboratory experiments. Antibodies or isoagglutinins have been isolated from breast milk in response to the following disease organisms: tetanus; pertussis; pneumonia; diphtheria; polio virus 1, 2 and 3; mumps; Coxsackie and echo virus; smallpox; and influenza organisms."

"The immunoglobulin IgA is referred to as secretory IgA (sIgA) and is somewhat different from the IgA that is produced in serum. The secretory immunoglobulin found in breast milk is thought to be produced in the mammary gland of the mother. SIgA greatly benefits breast-feeding infants because it coats their intestinal tract with "anti-septic paint", thus protecting the infant from bacterial and viral invasions from such pathogens as E. coli, poliovirus, streptococi, staphylococci, and pneumococci."

"One of the major reasons for the substantially lower incidence of infant diarrhea in breast-fed babies is the quality of their intestinal flora. In contrast, infants who are reared on cows-milk based formulas have an intestinal flora that is predominately bacteroides, streptococcus faecalis, and E. coli organisms. The gut flora of exclusively breast-fed infants is colonized almost entirely with friendly bacteria: lactobacilli and bifido-bacteria. In 1953, Gyorgy demonstrated that human milk contained a carbohydrate known as the bifidus factor, whcih may encourage the growth of these beneficial organisms. In breast-fed infants, the production of ascetic acid and lactic acid by friendly lactobacillus bacteria lowers the ph (acid-alkaline balance) of the stool, thus providing a suitable acid environment, which prevents the growth of yeasts, shigella, and E. coli bacteria. As a result, breast-fed infants are largely protected from the organisms associated with candida albicans, dysentery, infantile diarrhea, and gastroenteritis."

The BIG CAVEAT here is that our modern intestines, in general, have severely depleted flora which everyone, especially nursing moms, needs to enhance.

All the why and how is in "The Power of Probiotics" thread.

Good luck,


PS Treat BigPharma with as much scepticism as possible. Also, check out the Vax forum on the importance of fever. My son has hit 103.5 a couple of times (he also got Q fever from a rabbit at my neighbors house) and allowing the body to work its magic unimpeded is the key. If he ever went higher we would use cool compresses.
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Thank you Jasmyn's Mom and Ray for your replies!

Wow, Ray - you are knowledgable

Just to clarify, my youngerst weaned some times ago (she is 4yo now), and has not really been sick till this winter.

Now she has flu/cold symptoms with fever and cough and runny nose.

I guess I am not so concerned about coughs and runny nose, coughs are "wet" and we do herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices (which are part of our regular "diet" anyways)

I try not to do the "capsulated" versions of vitamins and/or supplements - for vitamin C we have most of the fruits, for others we have veggies, fish for vitamin A for calcium - cheese (she rarely drinks milk), etc.

I did NOT know about inportance of vitamin A in boosting the immune sistem however, I only knew that of vitamin C, so thank you for that bit of info as well

It's the fever that makes her totally miserable and cranky. Couple of times I resorted to Children's Tylenol and saw an immediate boost in her behaviour.

But then I have heard that when the body is fighting the desease, the physical activity should be limited (not to strain the heart), so may be this is one of the purposes of fever
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