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Sorry for ranting here, but it's been such a frustrating few days that if I don't get it out, my head is probably going to explode.

We've been dealing with a skin issue with ds for over two months now. The "diagnosis" went from coxsackie virus to impetigo to atypical chickenpox back to impetigo to scabies or some sort of other parasite. Two rounds of oral antibiotics plus a topical (ugh!), all of which did *nothing*, and now Elimite which I really don't want to use but am going to because I just can't stand seeing ds look like this anymore....

We've tried GSE, calendula, vitamins, so on and still are but nothing is making enough of a difference. I should not have waited so long to contact a dermatologist, but our first practice was resistant to giving us a referral (even after 5 visits for the *same* issue). We finally switched practices to someone who is happily giving us a referral, so I've spent the last three days calling just about every dermatologist under our HMO and the first appointment anyone has available is NOVEMBER . What is *that* ? One person even told me that their first available is April? Why not at that point just say that you aren't even taking new patients? I mean, if your problem is pressing enough that you need to contact a specialist, are you really going to be able to wait 2 (let alone 6) months? Grrrrrrrr . Finally, one nice woman took pity on me (I think she could sense my frustration) and told me to call her at 9 a.m. and if she had any cancellations, she'd put us on the schedule.

Ugh.... I'm just so aggravated with this screwed up "health care" system we have. And so tired of feeling helpless while my baby's skin looks such a wreck

Sorry to take up the space... but thanks for letting me get it out....

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How frustrating! I am sorry you can't figure out what ds's condition is or how to properly treat it. I hear you on the next available appt being ages away! Ugh. Years ago, dd1 had a cavity. I was horrified and wanted to get it fixed right away. The secretary (whom I've come to really dislike though I do love everyone else in that office) told me the next appt was for 3 months away! You have got to be kidding! She tells me not to worry - that cavities grow slowly. I made some calls to other offices and found most had at least a month wait. I still think that is totally unacceptable. I understand if you have a strict time frame - like will only take a 5:00 appt, it is months to wait. But if you (like I was) were willing to come in anytime, having more than a week or two wait seems extreme to me.
Sorry I can't help more but I feel for you!
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You've probably already done this, but you gotta work the system. If you don't get an appointment through a potential cancellation, as you mentioned, can you have your PCP intercede for you with the specialist's office to see if you can get the appointment moved up? If that won't work, seeking mercy from the receptionist can be useful (kindly and succinctly stating your baby's problem (yet in the most sympathetic and graphic manner possible), and asking her please, please, if there's any way the doctor can fit your baby in sooner). In conjunction with this, if there is any vague possibility that the skin issue may be something more serious that you can identify, you may want to alert the receptionist to your fear that X might be a problem ("we just got back from visiting the leper colony, and now this happened..." (sorry, I don't mean to be facetious, but you know what I mean - like if you have a history of melanoma in your family, and you have a potentially suspicious mole, you cite your history and your suspicion, which will likely bump you up in the queue)).

You're absolutely right - our health care system sucks! I hope the nice receptionist did the right thing and gave you folks an earlier appointment.
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I hear ya! We see several specialsist for both the kids and we just switched insurance and moved so we ar finding all new doctors and it is just NUTS! I did get a referral for a ped and when I called the receptionist was VERY nice sp I hope that when we see the doc next week we like him. Just hang in there and keep doin what ya gotta. SOmetimes calling back one more time, or calling every doc u can find works out, but man is it a pain!
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If possible, ask if you can be called if someone cancels. I often get in the same week if I can go on a moment's notice.
As an aside, I had scabies (nasty communicable disease) for 4 months and no doctors diagnosed me right. I was in elementary school. They said it was contact dermatitus, probably from a soap or clothing substance. My dad finally proved it was scabies by dipping one leg in turpintine. It cleared up right away. (Turpintine very bad, by the way). Anyway, I feel for you, good luck with your hunt.

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I agree - ask if you can be put on their 'cancellation' list. We got in a month and a half earlier than we would have. Also asking your PCP to call can get you in earlier. One specialist's office specifically told me to do that to get in sooner. I got the impression that was standard. Sounded strange to me, but they ended up finding me an appointment sooner at a different branch of the office.

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Or you could be like me and show up at 6 am with your baby and wait in the receptionists office. I have done this several times, and have always been able to be seen before 10 am, there are always appts. that don't show or call and cancel at the last minute. Just let the receprtionist know that you are waiting for the next available time, and make sure she/he puts your babe's name on the list.
Good luck and hope all goes well for you and your baby!
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Another idea is to talk to the office manager. They see things in the business perspective and don't want to lose any potential
"customers". I've also asked my PCP to intervene on my behalf. I wish you the best. No doubt, this system is screwed!
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