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naturalmama's Avatar naturalmama 02:45 PM 09-24-2002
I need to find a single dose vaccine for canine distemper. I want to get my puppy neutered and all the veterinarians require parvo, distemper and rabies shots first. the only one the vet uses for parvo/dist. has SEVEN shots in one. I do not want that. I want a single vac for each or a place where i can buy nosodes instead.

any helpful info??? THANKYOU!

peggy's Avatar peggy 07:13 PM 09-28-2002
Anyone know?

cattrane's Avatar cattrane 03:18 PM 09-29-2002
oh my GOD i am so pissed i did not copy my post!! i just hit the back button on accident!!! GAHHHH

but it was VERY long so maybe it's a good thing LOL

there ARE monovalent distemper vaccines out there. i don't know if they are killed or modified live, i think they may be modified live. There are a couple of vaccines, Galaxy-D (made by schering-plough) and Fervac-D that have been used in ferrets, so try calling an exotic-pet vet. Merial makes Purevax distemper-only for ferrets, a recombinant vaccine made from parts of distemper DNA (so will not cause the disease as live vaccines can). Since ferrets are highly susceptible to vaccines, this is safer than other vx, and has shown no transient immunosuppression after giving the vaccine so far.
there are several parvo-only vaccines as well, usually used in young puppies (galaxy-pv by schering for ex.)

here's a list of homeopathic practitioners including vets in maine: even if there aren't any in your area, it looked like many had email addresses and phone numbers listed

good luck

edited to add: here's a few suppliers (from google) for schering vx, merial doesn't sell to the public ~ galaxy-d comes in 10 dose boxes only it looks like so if you don't have a homeopathic vet nearby i'd find out from your regular vet if you can have the vaccine shipped to them, and they administer it, or whether they'd accept vaccines given by you. a lot of clinics disregard vaccines given by owners because the storage/shipping quality can't be verified. an exotic vet may even be happy to buy the vaccines off you or to hook you up with ferret owners for ex that could buy the rest
california vet supply
Lambriar Animal Health - dog vaccines - about halfway down the page is a killed parvo-only vaccine