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lilyka's Avatar lilyka 11:08 PM 09-26-2002
For those of you who have never had it it is the same thing as a yeast infection but bacterial in orgin. Ususally treated by Dr. with an antibiotic.

Unfortunately the ($50) antibiotic did nothing for me and since it wasn't bothering me I decided to skip it. Noe that the end of my preg. is growing near it is getting annoying and could trigger preterm labor, which I have no desire to experiance again so I am thinking I should start thinking about doing something about it.

Are there any options for a preg. woman besides antibiotics. I have already been on 3 rounds of Antibiotics in this pregnancy for various stuff and still have group B strep to look forward to : really enough is enough.


cheryl's Avatar cheryl 10:50 AM 09-27-2002
I couldn't stomach the oral anti's during pregnancy (threw them up) and used the suppository form (Metrozinol sp?), while my hubby did the oral kind. You both need to be treated.
It came back anyway, or never completely left, though I had no bothersome symptoms. However, my membranes did rupture ( a possible result of the vaginosis) 1 week before my due date, and it took 18 hours trying every trick in the book to get labor going. I was unknowingly + for GBS, so it was a snowball effect that ended up with a transport to hospital (planned homebirth), a gbs + baby that spent 15 days in the NICU.
Personally, I'd try to take care of it now if you can.
WriterMama's Avatar WriterMama 12:24 PM 09-27-2002
On another board I frequent, a poster mentioned using a grapefruit seed extract wash every time she went to the bathroom for two weeks before she had her baby (she was trying to avoid specifically GBS). It's a natural antibiotic/antifungal, so it might help your situation, too. I'm not sure the amounts, but it was water and gfseed extract in a squirt bottle.

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 01:34 PM 09-27-2002
Grapefruitseed extract - easy enough. I will definetly try that before spending any more money on lab work and antibiotics that don't work.

I could handle going into labor a week early. Even two weeks would be nice .
cheryl's Avatar cheryl 03:13 PM 09-27-2002
If you're still having sex with your partner, he needs to be treated as well, or you'll continue to pass it back and forth.
And it's not so much being a week early with the labor, it was have PROM that did not result in labor contractions. The vaginosis can weaken the amniotic sac.