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BabyOsMommy's Avatar BabyOsMommy 04:35 PM 03-03-2005
This may seem like a silly question, but I don't want to make anything worse.

My 3month old is on the upswing after a bad case of bronchiolitis. He was struggling to breath for 4days, but now seems to have loosened up and is in better spirits. He still has a lot of chest congestion and wakes up coughing pretty bad in the middle of the night. I have kept him inside since Sunday's trip to the ER. The issue is my 2year old. He needs to get outside so that he doesn't go bezerk... my parents took him for a day and he played outside forever, but today he's back and we're both climbing the walls.

Right now it's -13degrees celcius here, and we got a tonne of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. The sun is shining. (ideal for a 2year old, but I don't know about my babe).

Would you take your 3month old out for a 1/2 hour even under those circumstances (bundled and zipped in the wrap in your coat)? I've read that cold can trigger people with asthma, and bronchiolitis is possibly the beginning of asthma like symptoms.

alegna's Avatar alegna 04:48 PM 03-03-2005
Sure, I'd try it. Pay attention to how the babe reacts. I know that sometimes when I'm feeling wheezy cold dry air helps. Sometimes it makes it worse. Give it a chance and see how your babe does.

fingers crossed that you get a little outdoor playtime for everyone!

Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 06:25 PM 03-03-2005
I'd do it. I'd hesitate to take a sick infant outside bundled up in a stroller, but under your coat it's snuggly warm. Just use common sense about going back inside if the baby seems to have trouble tolerating it.