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Toddler with vinegar breath

surf mama's Avatar surf mama (TS)
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03-22-2005 | Posts: 1,419
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My dd (23mo) has breath that smells like vinegar. I've noticed this smell off and on over the last few days. Does anyone know why? She hasn't eaten anything vinegar-y lately. I'd appreciate any info. I seem to vaguely remember that it's a sign for something.
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She may be allergic to something. Vinegar breath is a sign of an acid condition, and allergic reactions cause acidosis.

Homeopathic Calc. Carb. sometimes helps kids with a very sour smell. It can actually help eliminate a milk allergy. But go to a homeopath for advice, it can be really complicated.
surf mama's Avatar surf mama (TS)
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03-23-2005 | Posts: 1,419
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Thanks myjo! I will look into that. Dd has had food allergies so that would make sense.
boricuaqueen327's Avatar boricuaqueen327
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My dd had vinegar breath when she had bad reflux. If your child has food allergies, definitely go see a health specialist about it (doctor, homeopath, etc...) your child could be having a reaction to something. GOod luck!
lilgsmommy's Avatar lilgsmommy
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That was the signal last month that made DS's ped, recheck his refulx and sure enough its back worser than before.
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