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melixxa's Avatar melixxa 03:27 PM 03-25-2005
I may be getting a c-section. I am considering having a ligation done at the same time. I'll be 41 this summer and I will be DONE with pregnancy (who knows, we may adopt one other child down the line but I do not want to go through another pregnancy).

This is what my OB just told me: It won't take extra time in the OR, the recovery from the section will not be compounded, it will not affect my baby's breastfeeding (any more than the c-birth might), it will take "5 extra seconds."

He told me that some women complain of heavier periods afterwards (mentioned briefly post tubal ligation syndrome) but that it's most likely that this and other effects are due to the fact that these women just came off the Pill. I have not taken the Pill for 10 years and generally have light periods, pretty regularly every 28 days.

Any personal experience, ideas? Thanks in advance.

CrazyRED's Avatar CrazyRED 09:28 PM 03-25-2005
I had a c-section last December and had a tubal ligation done at the same time. I have 1 older son and an infant daughter (born Dec). I had terrible complications with both deliveries and the c-sec in Dec was an emergency. After my first child, I wanted a tubal in the event that I had to have a c-sec with my second. I guess I am not meant to deliver babies easily.

The tubal added about 2 minutes to the surgery time, and I have had a normal recovery. I don't think that the tubal really made the whole c-sec experience any worse.

I am bf so I have only had 1 light period since Dec, so i also would be interested to know if your period changes after a tubal.

For me, knowing that I will not be able to give birth again is a relief. I have too much trouble. And like you, I am open to adopting a child if I feel the need to mother more children

Hope this helped.

Clarity's Avatar Clarity 10:22 PM 03-25-2005
I'm pondering this as well - I'm only 34, but my pregnancies have been pretty horrible, so it's pretty unlikely I'll have more biological children. but I hadn't thought about the tubal issue until the midwife brought it up this week....
stafl's Avatar stafl 10:32 PM 03-25-2005
I had my tubal when I went in to have the adhesions removed that were caused by the cesarean. Definitely ask your doctor what sort of adhesion-prevention products or techniques he uses. The risks of the tubal itself aren't any risks that aren't associated with the cesarean either. Boy, that sentence doesn't make sense, does it? I mean, the risks that come from the cesarean are the same as the ones from the tubal, so you aren't really increasing any of your risks by having it done at the same time. The most likely complication would be the formation of adhesions (which for some women like myself, are excruciatingly painful).

but I gotta ask:
I may be getting a c-section.
stafl's Avatar stafl 10:35 PM 03-25-2005
I am bf so I have only had 1 light period since Dec, so i also would be interested to know if your period changes after a tubal.
mine didn't. I don't see how it could? Tubal ligation doesn't affect the lining of the uterus in any way, shape, or form. It just severs the pathway from the ovaries to the uterus.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 12:35 PM 03-26-2005
I had a tubal'ectomy' with my last c-section (2/04). Instead of being cut or tied, my tubes were just totally removed.

I had heard about the heavier periods, and I don't know WHY but it rang true here. At least for the first 9 months or so...and it was every other month. Don't know why that was the case niether.

My periods were also a little "wacky", though. One month would be a 28 day cycle, the next (the heavier one) was 43. I'm still on this cycle, though the 43 one isn't heavy like it was. The duration of my periods also changed. Used to be 6 days, now is only 3.