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USAmma's Avatar USAmma 04:09 AM 10-25-2002
I am so tired of getting a yeast infection!!! It has been costly not to mention uncomfortable and it keeps coming back.

Short history was I've been prone to getting them most of my life but had a good period for the last few years where I haven't had any, not even when I was pg.

A few months ago I started on the Pill and immediately got an infection that did not clear up with OTC creams. I got my period and thought it went away but it came back 2 weeks later. I tried 2 more OTC treatments with no results, finally went to the doctor. She said, yep, I had a bad one and prescribed diflucan and more OTC creams at the same time. I took two diflucants 5 days apart and the infection seemed to go away. Now 5 weeks later I feel the familiar itching again and yep, it's back.

One other small bit of info-- I'm very sensitive to the natural fungus that is on everybody naturally and have been for years. I get red flaky patches on the sides of my nose, my scalp, and behind my ears sometimes, and they respond well to antifungal creams. My doctor said it's a form of eczema that will probably be chronic for the rest of my life. I'm suspecting this infection may be too, but tired of the doctors guessing at it. I also suffer from severe allergies and moderate asthma that is controlled well by Singulair.

I don't have diabetes or HIV, I've been tested for both recently just to rule them out. I don't have any STDs either. I no longer use spermicides, the Pill, harsh soaps, and nothing goes up there that doesn't belong. ;-) I've even stopped using my Keeper, thinking it was a problem. I iron my undies and cloth pads after each wash. My dh is almost afraid to have sex with me because of the risk of it perhaps causing infection. He normally wears condoms but treated himself for yeast infection just in case (we sometimes don't use them during my period).

Not sure what else to do, but I know if I go back to the doctor I'll be spending about $50 on another temporary treatment of diflucan and the copay. Any thoughts or suggestions?



ladylee's Avatar ladylee 11:41 AM 10-25-2002
Hi darshani---

I've always read that bc pills exacerbate the production of yeast. I had intestinal troubles related to yeast ten years ago & what an eye opener it was to read "The Yeast Connection." You might want to look into that.

Do you take acidopholus? That helps. There are also yeast elimination diets in the book that wil help you get rid of yeast.
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 05:08 PM 10-25-2002
THanks for the info. I just saw my NP today again and she is prescribing more diflucan as well as some herbal things. She's also referring me to a dermatologist because she is suspecting Valley Fever. I've been having some other symptoms as well, so let's see . . .

BowenTherapist's Avatar BowenTherapist 05:14 PM 10-25-2002
you should take a look at this site. it has some info on yeast infections . I hope you heal well
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 09:35 PM 10-25-2002
Lisa, I'll check it out. Just started the acidophilus(sP?) today. BTW my dd is the one at the top of the FAQ page (yellow dress) on that link you gave me. :-)

BowenTherapist's Avatar BowenTherapist 10:41 PM 10-25-2002
she is a cuttie !!!
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 04:47 AM 10-26-2002
I was just doing some research on candida and several sites mentioned yeast elimination diets. Can't hurt right? But the only thing is I'm veg and most of my sources of protein (milk, soy, legumes) are out. It listed basically veggies and meat. No carbs at all. Hmm. . .

The good news is the diflucan is starting to work already.

ladylee's Avatar ladylee 08:59 PM 10-26-2002
Darshani--about the diet, the good thing is that it doesn't have to be permanent. It takes a few weeks for the yeast to die off, then you can start reintroducing foods. I find that I have no problems now if I take acidopholus regularly, and if I feel myself getting yeasty I adhere to the diet for a couple of weeks. Glad you've gotten some relief!
birthinglau's Avatar birthinglau 12:01 AM 10-27-2002

I remember well that yeasty feeling! It was no fun. I was so cranky, and no wonder, with the firey agony happening in my crotch. Er, sorry if that's too graphic.

The advice listed so far is great - it's mostly what I've used to get rid of my yeast and keep it gone.

A few other suggestions:

"The Women's Guide to Yeast Infections" by Naomi Baumfield is a good thing to read (in addition to the Yeast Connection).

You mentioned using condoms - if you had been using nonoxyenol 9 spermicide lubricated condoms that could have been contributing to your condition. many people are allergic to that spermicide, some are allergic to latex too. I found that nonoxyenol could sometimes kick-start the yeast infection.

Don't wear underwear at night.

I found that the yeast elimination diet was very helpful, and I am primarily veggie too. I found that I never had to cut out soy based foods or legumes, and I was able to eat dairy again after not a very long break. My main triggers were, and are, wheat and sugar (including natural sugars like honey, if I overdo). Sometimes I still get yeast, but cutting those out, and sometimes other "moldy" foods like mushrooms and some cheeses, is usually enough to get rid of it. Coffee was another thing I had to eliminate, but moderate amounts of tea seem to be ok.

I'm also a sensitive person, and can't wash my clothes in perfumed detergent, or use soap or lotion that isn't natural and free of chemicals, or I get itchy and rashy. The Yeast Connection talks alot about that interesting link between people with allergies, and yeast problems.

Glad the diflucan has worked, good luck with keeping the yeast under control!

USAmma's Avatar USAmma 01:46 AM 10-28-2002
Thanks you all!! Very good info! It's SO HARD to cut out the sugar. It's in everything!! I'm going to plan the meal for the week in a few minutes and will have to keep in mind the sugary products out there.

I tried to make some sugar free cookies today but they were kinda gross, so I think I'll just not do sweets at all for awhile. Gee this is going to be hard but I so want to feel better.

*~*SewHappyNow*~*'s Avatar *~*SewHappyNow*~* 03:40 AM 10-28-2002
I too have had so many problems with recurrent yeast infections (at least that's what they think they are, but no one has come up with a definite diagnosis, yet). I have tried many things, but the one thing that made the biggest difference is not wearing underwear any time I can possibly manage it. As soon as I get home from work off they go! hehe Not just when I'm sleeping.

I have been tested, like you, for everything from diabetes to herpes, all are negative. Even occasionally I will get an infection and test neg for candidia, but they treat it with anti-fungals anyways. I've also been treated with Flagyl just to be sure there isn't a bacteria infection.

I also believe I am sensitive to latex and spermacide, so condoms are pretty much out of the question for me. Everytime I would use one I would get an infection immediately.

I did quit the pill also and find that helped tremendously too. After my baby is born I plan to use a copper T IUD, as it seems to be the only reliable birth control option that I know of that won't cause more infections...I hope.

I thought my nurse was crazy when she told me to not wear underwear, but it really made the biggest difference.

The worst part for me is I would just get so upset and frustrated that I couldn't be comfortable or have a normal sex life, because I always had an infection, was healing, or scared to death I'd cause another one. Good luck, hope you find a way to stop the infections, I know how much it sucks.
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 01:56 PM 10-28-2002
The worst part for me is I would just get so upset and frustrated that I couldn't be comfortable or have a normal sex life, because I always had an infection, was healing, or scared to death I'd cause another one.
Exactly!! My dh is getting frustrated too! Condoms are really the only option right now. I'm not confident enough in natural family planning to take the risk, and anything with hormones is out. The IUD would be fine except we plan to ttc in the next 6-9 mos so there's no point. I put a small squirt of spermicide on the inside of dh's condom for extra protection.

DreamWeaver's Avatar DreamWeaver 02:54 PM 10-28-2002
from what I know, antibiotics are a big culprit in causing yeast infections! Also bc pills. I remember once when I was on the Pill, and dh gave me an antibiotic cream to apply on a wound I had, and I had a yeast infection! I stopped the cream and the infection went away.
That said, I think acidophilus or eating yogurt will help. Yeast elimination diet too, center on whole grains like brwon rice, millet & buckwheat, lots of dark-green leafy veggies. Eat plenty of lemons and grapefruits but avoid sweet citrus fruits like oranges. I also heard from other women that cranberry juice helps a lot.

Here's a recipe for anti-yeast tea, from Rosemary Gladstar's "Family Herbal" but it's quite bitter, so you may wish to mix with cranberry juice:

2 parts mullein
2 parts raspberry leaf
2 parts sage
1/4 part goldenseal root (organically cultivated)

Combine the ingreads and use 4-6 tablespoons of mixture per quart of water. Add herbs to cold water and bring to simmer, keeping pot covered. Remove from heat immediately an let steep 20 minutes. Strain.
Drink 3 cups daily, betw meals or 30 minutes befroe food.

Good Luck!