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DreamWeaver's Avatar DreamWeaver 07:15 PM 10-28-2002
Finally, I dec'd not to use disposable menstrual pads anymore, and switch to reusable, earth-friendly cotton pads. I know some of you use the Keeper, but I'm not comfy with the idea of it. I tried a tampon once and it was hell trying to get it in!
Just wondering if any of you use either Gladrags or Lunapads, or tried both, what are the diff? What are your experiences with them? Any tips or experiences to share? TIA!

Susana's Avatar Susana 07:37 PM 10-28-2002
Hi I just recently started using Gladrags and I have to say that not having to run to the store every time my period shows up has been awesome. I think the Gladrags are really comfortable too.

The only thing is that I can't get them totally stain-free, but wonder if anyone ever gets them like new after using them?
umbrella's Avatar umbrella 07:58 PM 10-28-2002
I just got some from

I haven't had them very long, but so far, I like them. I especially like the one design with the clouds/moons/stars. After all my looking, I concluded that I wouldn't be able to figure quality from reading websites, so I might as well get the ones I liked the look of, best.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 09:09 PM 10-28-2002
I made my own with terry cloth and flannel. They work great. I haven't tried any other cloth ones so no help there.
granolamom's Avatar granolamom 09:18 PM 10-28-2002
I use gladrags and some I made myself. I also never figured out how to get them completely stain free. A friend of mine uses OXYCLEAN, I havent tried it yet
Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 03:04 AM 10-29-2002
I'm preggo right now and not having to worry about my period, but I was thinking of using gladrags or something similar after the baby was born. Would they be hard to make? Do you guys think they would hold all the extra flow after you have a baby? Most importantly, are they expensive?
brandoula's Avatar brandoula 05:15 AM 10-29-2002
I love my gladrags!! They are a bit expsensive though. I paid about $10 each for mine. In the long run it's probably cheaper though. I recommend the colored ones, then there are no stains.
EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 03:35 PM 10-29-2002
My favorites are Pandora Pads.

There's a huge thread on this topic in the Diapering forum ("If you don't use cloth for Mom, why not?") where I raved at great length, if you are interested!
jogirl's Avatar jogirl 11:33 AM 10-30-2002
I've never used them for a *full* flow, but I did use them as panty liners (pre-pregnancy) and as liners while the doc's had me on drippy messy progesterone suppositories.

I bought some pandora's pads, pretty pads, and lunapads. I wasn't fond of the pretty pad panty liners... they leaked through and I didn't that I should leak through with just some progeserone goo spotting. I did like the pandora's pads. I got the organic liners (short ones). They have square inserts that fold up and then get put in the outer pouch. They have wings that fold under your panties and snap. I've never used them for a full flow (I suppose the bigger size would be better for that). I did find them rather bulky though.

I *love* my lunapads though. I got the organic sample pack and then bought extra panty liner style pads (lite pads) (in my search for the perfect cloth panty liner . The liners were nice and thin and never leaked for me. They stayed put and weren't too bulky to worry about when wearing snug pants. I have some of their normal pads, but again, never used for full flow.

Good luck in your decision!