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My brother had horrible acne growing up, my mother took him to specialist after specialist, and nothing helped for more than a few weeks.
Now that he is a adult, he has horrid scars.

When he was about 20years old, my mother had someone recommend using nail polish remover on a Qtip, on him.
Wierd, I know- but it helped ALOT.

It didn't clear him up all the way, but it took his acne down to about half.

I use it all the time when I get a pimple, I use the nail polish remover 2 times a day, and my pimple usually goes away quickly.

There is something that I want to say that I feel is IMPORTANT:

Please keep in mind that a teenager is already having lots of issues with body changes, hormones, 'fitting it', etc... it sounds like your ds is has more issues to deal with than the normal 15yo, with the divorce, switching houses, and the acne.

Please, please keep in mind that the acne will bring down his self-esteem, and you need to help him as much as you can to make him feel good about himself.

I think as parents that we forget how hard being a teen is, and then top it off with other problems, and it can be determental (sp?) to the child's well being.
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I recently found this link, which may be of help. It's a great link, btw, with TONS of info on a wide variety of subjects.
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My husband had cystic acne but it has almost completely dissapeared by (I believe) quitting smoking, no dairy, and bathing before going to bed at night(instead of waiting until morning).
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I was just reading (but didn't read the other replies) that Black Walnut extract is good for acne and candida.

I think the first course of action would be to determine what the "acne" is. Sometimes its traditional acne and sometimes its an allergic reaction. I've heard the latter is especially likely with acne that centers around the mouth.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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My cystic acne began at age 22. Both of my sisters and two of my cousins had it, too. We all tried absolutely everything--from diet changes and restrictions, to every skin care product, no products, antibiotics, retin A, vitamin A, you name it. The only things that worked were birth control pills and spirinolactone when the acne was moderate. When it was severe, only accutane worked. My sisters have each taken it once, and been acne free or only mild acne for 7 and 10 years. I had to take it twice before I was acne free. None of us had side effects other than dry skin. I've had three wonderfully healthy kids.

I'm a big believer in natural remedies, and in leaving your body alone. But true cystic acne is really awful. It is so painful that I would often cry--these big, sore, oozing cysts slowly coming to the surface of your skin. I was embarressed because the ones near my lips looked like herpes sores. Luckily, I was no longer a teenager, but it still had a huge impact on my self-confidence and I was quite depressed. My sisters got it younger, and I think it contributed to them wasting years with boyfriends who were totally wrong for them (because they felt so ugly, not because decent men would not see past acne).

I know you asked for alternative remedies, but I hope that if nothing else works, and your son wants to take it, you'll consider accutane again.
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I had great skin as a teen, but developed cyclical cystic acne as an adult. One idea I haven't seen here that really cleared mine up is using OTC vaginal yeast/fungal cream on it. When I started using a yeast cream the acne went away and didn't come back. Now I only use it preventitively during PMS and don't break out at all.

My sister had awful cystic acne on her shoulders and back. I told her about this, she tried it, and it really helped her too.

Good luck!

~ Amy ~

Homeschooling Mom of

ds 16, ds14, ds9, dd6

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Originally Posted by monkeysmommy
I would have to second (or third or fourth) the no soap or cleansers idea. I have never had cystic acne, but it was pretty bad. I've tried every cleanser under the sun, and nothing has worked as well as just washing my face less. I still use cleanser, but only every other day or so, as opposed to several times a day, and I follow with a moisturizer, otherwise my face freaks out and produces extra oil.

I had a roommate who had horrible acne, cystic, and took antibiotics for years with no results. She went to see a herbalist in chicago who told her she had systemic candida- an overgrowth of yeast basically running all through her body. So the antibiotics was actually making it worse. She changed her diet, no sugar, no milk or cheese, and no refined flours. Basically all she ate was meat, vegetables, and brown rice. Also she had to drink this horrible tea (she made me taste it) several times a day. As the yeast died off, she was sick at her stomach a lot, and also she stank. (I'm not making this treatment sound too attractive, am I? :LOL ) But within a couple months, her skin was soooo much better. Now it looks *great* and she is able to eat a normal diet again. Now, I have never known anyone else who had this. Also, she had other symptoms besides acne, massive fatigue being the worst. I just thought I'd mention it since nobody else had.
I had an esthetician PUT me on a yeast free diet. I was having a facial and she looked at my skin and said "yeast infection" avoid cheeses, dairy, vinegars, sugars and it should subside. I was getting married and desperate and I'll be darned if it didn't work!!!
(PS re: the cell, it's the yeast/candida dieing off, I didn't have it but did notice it with my son when he was 3 yo and dx'd with yeast in his gut)
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I tried all the natural and prescription remedies that were available when I was a teen and none of them worked. They didn't have Proactiv back then though, I would be interested in trying that one at some point. I would suggest giving some of the suggestions here a try but don't write off accutane completely. It does work wonders. Eventhough it is damaging to the liver, they should do blood tests monthly to make sure the liver is handling it okay.

I would suggest doing Accutane in the summer if you do decide to go that course (I know you don't have much summer left now when its usually a 4-5 month course of treatment). Accutane made me extremely tired and depressed (although I was already depressed with the acne as it was). It helped that most of the course of treatment was not during the school year. My doctor absolutely insisted on birth control pills in regards to the birth defects but I said I was not seeing any action with my face in the condition it was in, there was absolutely nothing to worry about in that regard! Your son won't have to worry about that though.

I have also used a topical erithromycin/benzoyl peroxide blend for ongoing maintenance and it used to help pretty good but I stopped while pregnant and never got a new prescription. But it worked for years.

I know many have said to wash with no soap or cleanser, I have never tried that, maybe it works, but on severe acne, I would be pretty skeptical. I have always used gentle exfolients. Taking the dead, top layer of skin off gently makes the cysts progress and heal quicker. I use St. Ives Apricot scrub and an Aveda exfollient toner. The latter is really gentle and natural.
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I am so glad my parents let me take Accutane. I had horrible, painful, HUMILIATING cystic acne from about 11 till I finally tried Accutane at 18 or so (btw, I'm 32 and while I might get the odd zit from time to time, I have not had a cyst since completing the Accutane). I am not exaggerating when I say it totally changed my life - my skin was not only painful but it was just so embarassing. There were times that the cysts around my mouth were so bad I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to see the orthodontist (zits and braces, how did one girl get so lucky!). It hurt to EAT or wash my face. It was just horrible. It makes me sad to think about it.

I had tried every topical, every diet option, every face cleaning system, many antibiotics, any off-the-wall suggestion anyone could make and still nothing. If not for Accutane, I suppose I'd still be breaking out and crying about it even now.

When I took it, they gave much bigger doses - so I took much more than your average patient gets now (now they do it by weight, I think). My only side effects were slightly dry skin and lips - and moisturizer, lip balm, and a good diet made those fairly easy to manage. I was still physically active, I didn't have any issues with depression, nothing. It was very easy. I have known 25 - 30 people who have taken Accutane over the years and we've all compared notes. The biggest complaint I hear is dry skin.

I know there are other POSSIBLE side effects, but I just wanted to point out that they don't happen to everyone and they do lots of blood tests along the way. Also, each pill comes individually sealed in blister packaging. You would not come into contact with it unless you went out of your way to open the package and hand them to your son.

I am all for natural methods and trying different things with diet but cystic acne can leave a lot of physical and emotional scars. I hope if nothing else works you'll at least consider the Accutane. If he has a problem with it, he can always stop taking it and try something else.
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Thanks for all the ideas here. I'm not a fifteen year old boy but a 39 year old woman with moderate acne! I hate it ... but the more I stress about it the worse it gets. I did accutane and had okay results. My brother did it (as a teenager) and it worked like a charm. He says it was worth it.
However, since stumbling over this thread a couple of weeks ago, i started using the vaginal cream on my face (great idea!) and eating a LOT of cabbage. And you know my face HAS cleared up a bit. Luckily cabbage goes with everything, salads .... throwing it raw and shredded into hot soup, etc. So thanks pps for those ideas.
I have done proactive with mixed results. My friends have had great results.
For the OP, i think acne can be SO SO difficult, especially for teenagers, that if the doctor recommends it, and you let your son know that he MUST tell you or his dad if he's feeling depressed or odd in any way ... I'd let him take Accutane. It could change his life, like it did for my brother. Just keep communicating about it with him as much as you can. Oh and I don't know if he wears make up for his acting work, but please remind him to remove every trace and not touch his face, especially when he has it on.
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A vegan diet changed the texture of my skin immensely. I have also heard of liver cleansing herbs working well.
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Originally Posted by MrsMoe
Accuntane is an oral mediction for severe acne that I have heard very amazing things about.
Do more research on accutane. It is NOT worth it. I wouldn't go within 10 feet of the crap. JMO...
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I 2nd and 3rd removing dairy! I get severe cystic acne every time I start eating it again. I can get away with it occasionally but if I start eating it every day my face is horrible again (who am I kidding? My entire upper body breaks out in cystic acne!)

edited to add: I know it sounds odd but I've found Burts Bee's Res-Q ointment applied 2x a day seems to heal it up the deep ones pretty fast and helps reduce that nasty flakey stuff they leave behind. This thread just reminded me of why my own face has been a disaster the last few months, I've been eating tons of dairy! I cut back to once a day 2 days ago because I was getting sinus headaches and I've already noticed a difference in my skin. I know it causes problems for me but I never think about it. My mood has been better the last 2 days too since removing dairy, guess its time to go cold turkey, or maybe I'll finish off that point of ice cream first... :LOL

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I had acne from the day I turned nine to the day I became pregnant with my last baby at age 37. The only time I did not have a huge breakout was when I was pregnant.

I always took cod liver oil and kept my skin clean. Even though I had huge outbreaks on my face, legs, arms, chest and back, I never scarred. Really. One thing that helped was using acidopholous on my skin after washing seemed to correct the bacteria balance or imbalance in my case.

In college, I took antibiotics; I think taking these over a number of years made me allergic to penicillin which I am now.

My skin now at age 51 is clear and peachy! Few lines, and no scars! Would have been nice to have this at age 15 also!

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." ~ George Orwell

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Accutane is a well known teratogen. Think once, twice, three times and more before using it...and read all of the information on the drug before taking it...I think there are papers to sign also.

Remember teratagenocity = cancergenocity

Accutane is chemically a part of the retinoid vitamin A molecule. If an alternative practitioner developed a drug from part of a vitamin with the side effects that accutane has, that practitioner would be in jail for quackery. But a drug company comes up with it, so it is just fine.

And let me add that one doctor I saw, a family practitioner told me to wash my face with Dutch Cleanser, a bleach based scouring powder. The quacks are everywhere.
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"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." ~ George Orwell

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I took Accutane in my late 20s and it was TERRIBLE. I think if I had taken it as an adolescent, I might have become suicidal.
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This skin problem is due to hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, diet. So i suggest you to try for the natural remedies to get rid of acne. Even i have the similar kind of skin problem. I tried this garlic. It has anti-bacterial properties that help to fight acne. I would like to share an information regarding the acne which i had come across online.
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I haven't read all the replies. Sorry, if I'm duplicating.
I had cystic acne from age 12 to age 35. I tried Accutane (please don't use this, it has horrible side effects which are still lingering) and every other topical gel, ointment, cream, antibiotic the dermo could throw at me. I had skin peels and dermabrasions. None of this worked long term. The acne always came back just as bad as ever.

Finally, after reading up on diet and basically changing my health paradigm, I dropped gluten, dairy and started on a nutritional regiment that was extensive. Since we're dealing with a 15 year old, I'll just say - vitamin c, d, and massive amounts of probiotics. I drink my probiotics in kefir (#1 b/c I'm poor, #2 because I make my own). Of the gluten and dairy, I'm pretty sure it was the dairy directly causing my acne, but I had other "issues" that dropping gluten cleared up as well.

Start with dropping dairy and possibly gluten (he may have other issues that are exacerbated by gluten and thereby contributing to his acne). Have him take a good amount of vitamin c. I personally take 10,000 or more mgs per day. If you haven't read up on bowel tolerance of vitamin c, do so at vitamincfoundation dot org. There is a ton of information on that site including how much to take and what doses are necessary for various ailments. Try to get him to take probiotics and I would think nothing less than 5,000 IUs of vitamin d3 a day is warranted.

My brilliant dd has started even applying kefir masks to her face nightly. The difference is seen in one night. She simply takes a bit of kefir, puts it on her face and lets it soak in. Next morning, she bathes as usual. While I am not a proponent of topical solutions, as they have NEVER worked for me, this kefir does seem to work.

edited to add: While kefir is dairy, I can drink it in this form with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I have found now that since I drink a lot (one quart) of kefir a day, the rare occasion when I indulge in a less than optimal diet, I notice no ill effects.

edited to add: I forgot add take "good" fats. THese include, olive, flax, coconut, butter, and cod liver oil. Personally, I find that flax oil works best for me. I do take cod liver and coconut as well, but don't see the results that I do with flax. I know that cod liver oil is supposed to be the quintessential oil, but again, flax works better for me.
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