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PJsmomma's Avatar PJsmomma 09:57 PM 08-01-2005
I was looking at pdr.net but it says you have to be a Dr. to sign up--I was wondering if there is an online place that lists them ( I want to show someone else what's in them--not for myself) I thought I remembered hearing they get the estrogen from pregnant horse urine but then maybe that was HRT


Artisan's Avatar Artisan 10:02 PM 08-01-2005
An ingredient list is not going to tell you how they derived the ingredients.
PJsmomma's Avatar PJsmomma 10:03 PM 08-01-2005
so help me find the info If you know Ingredient lists are pretty gross in themselves
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 11:16 PM 08-01-2005
Go to the library and go to the reference librarian....If you go to a library book sale, you can sometimes get the old PDR on sale!
lenore80's Avatar lenore80 11:37 PM 08-02-2005
Here is the website that compares the different kind of progestin in it and the dosage.

Birth Control Pills
PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 03:56 AM 08-03-2005
Pregnant Mare's Urine is used to make PreMarIn. (capitalization mine). Not for regular BCP. The hormones are synthetic - made in a lab.