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BabyBumblebee's Avatar BabyBumblebee 08:55 PM 08-21-2005
I am strawberry blonde, with very fair skin, no freckles, and blue eyes. I burn in minutes in the sun. I have exzema, asthma and lupus. I'm ambidextrous, but tend to use the right hand for convenience. I also tend toward anemia, and bleed profusely.

Dd has red red hair, the fairest skin (like a pp said, it almost glows) and very bright blue eyes. She has no freckles, and has never been exposed to the sun without 50+ block. She seems to be left handed for the most part. She also has exzema.

Dh has brown hair, but hazel eyes, and very freckly skin.

I am a healthy mixture (!) of Scots (from the islands), Lithuanian, and ??? (bio father unknown). Anaesthesia works very poorly on me in who knows? It's fascinating to think about anyhoo

JBaxter's Avatar JBaxter 09:43 PM 08-21-2005
My mom is a nurse that spent many years in the operating room and working with surgeons. She said the in her experience red heads did have more bleeding than other color haired people. One surgeon early in her nursing career mentioned it to her ( she thought he was just joking) but over the years she did notice it was true.
CrazyRED's Avatar CrazyRED 03:00 AM 08-22-2005
Another redhead here!

I am chronically anemic, I have weird allergic reactions to common medications, and I almost bled to death after DS was born. Strangely, I had 2 epidurals that had no effect. My OBGYN was stunned. (I hadn't gone down the crunchy path at this point!)

My mom is a redhead also. She had surgery a few years ago and when she came to, it took the morphine over an hour to kick in. Then we discovered that she was allergic to it.

I had an emergency c-sec with DD and the spinal block didn't work, I had to go completely under. When I came to the morphine didn't kick in for over an hour. It was the WORST hour of my life. But thankfully I wasn't allergic to it.

I am allergic to topical iodine, but I have no problem with iodized salt.

When I was small I was ambidexterous, but was "persuaded" to use my right hand in school. When I play softball I bat either side.

Proud to be a redheaded freak! Hey we should start a tribe!

My ancestry includes Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Finnish.
CrazyRED's Avatar CrazyRED 03:03 AM 08-22-2005
Just found this:

Editorial Reviews

From the Author
Are redheads cool or what? It's taken over ten years of research to find the facts and information that I present in this book - information that defines the redhead culture - without really identifying it. I didn't want to write a book that just listed names of redhead celebrities and famous people, although there are names of hundreds in the book. More interesting to me were the surveys and studies that show how redheads are perceived by others, and how they perceive themselves. I was also fascinated to find all the strange historical data concerning redheads, with contradicting folklore and fables. I'm proud to be a redhead myself, and I invite every redhead and redhead admirer to get The Redhead Encyclopedia to discover for themselves a truckload of neat information and little-known secrets about the flame-haired.

Artisan's Avatar Artisan 09:12 AM 08-22-2005
These stories are amazing... while I'm sorry that many of you have had health difficulties, I feel that information is power, and I am going to use your experiences to help my DD should she need it.

There really are a lot of redheads with common issues!
grahamsmom98's Avatar grahamsmom98 02:38 PM 08-22-2005
Another redhead, with fair skin & blue eyes, here, too.

I am deathly allergic to local anesthetics. I get stitches without any numbing (it really doesn't bother me!) and hed our son completely w/o any meds (pain or otherwise). I had a pressure episiotomy, and no numbing meds to sew me up after (the nurse almost got sick at the idea!).

I have a very high pain tolerance level, so I don't know about that bit on needing more pain meds. Not true for me! Same goes with anesthesia, I'm a very cheap and easy drunk (they don't have to use much!).

Bleeding? No problems here. I have good clotting factors and the only time I had a problem was with my first miscarriage, which, I believe, had nothing to do with my being a reahead (the bleeding, I mean, not the miscarriage).

I tan when I am out in the sun and do not freckle.

I have heard the same things about redheads and medical problems and they always say something like that when I have been in the hospital, but I have never, fortunately, had any.
Sarah'sMama's Avatar Sarah'sMama 05:25 PM 08-22-2005
This thread has been interesting. Its funny, my SIL just told me the other day about redheads and pain. My first dd has red hair, second dd has brown. My redhead has sensitive skin. When she was in diapers, she was very prone to diaper rash and even had yeasty rashes a few times.
It's funny, I hemorrhaged quite badly after dd1 was born right after I delivered the placenta. Afterward, my OB told me how redheads were more prone to excessive bleeding, so I wonder that even tho *I* don't have red hair, but my dd does, if that is why her birth caused me so much bleeding. Hmmmm.

Interesting thread.
Dolphin's Avatar Dolphin 05:14 PM 08-24-2005
Wow this is so interesting

I am a redhead, and it takes forever and several doses of any anesthesia for it to work, which makes dental work a nightmare. I don't bleed excessively though, that I know of, and I heal quickly, but I have very sensitive skin - the first 4 months of nursing was excruciating!

Ds is a beautiful redhead, and he is very sensitive to various foods (and he was nursed exclusively for about 7 months, then had solids very slowly)...but I don't have any food allergies.

Interesting stuff!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 10:40 PM 08-24-2005
Originally Posted by devonc
Here's a little fact about red hair you might not know (Biology degree talking here, LOL)-- the red hair gene is actually a different gene than the "hair gene" (blonde, brown, etc), which is why there are so many other traits associated with red hair that are not associated with other hair colors. The same is true of orange cats.
That's really fascinating. I was thinking about this today, and realized that, in my family, everybody either has brown or red hair- no blonde whatsoever. I also noticed today that my leg hairs are turning red from all the exposure to the sun. My guess would be that everybody in my family has the "redhead gene" and those who also get the "blonde gene" end up redheads and those of us who get the "brown hair gene" end up with brown hair.

I haven't noticed any unusual tendencies to allergies in my family though.

ETA my redheaded son DOES tan- I didn't think it was possible (my Mom and brother never tanned) but ds has a tan this year! He didn't get any sunburns either- I used zinc oxide diaper rash cream as sunscreen all summer.
Artisan's Avatar Artisan 08:20 PM 08-28-2005
I read an interesting article today -- thought some of you might be interested.

Redheads sunburn easily, but that may not be the only reason they are at high risk of skin cancer. New research suggests the pigment that colors their skin may set them up for cancer-spurring sun damage even if they do not burn.
Pippi's Avatar Pippi 10:52 PM 09-10-2005
I'm a redhead and so is ds #1, 3 yrs old.

He has multiple food allergies but it appears the genetic root of that is daddy. DH has dark hair and an olive complexion and multiple food allergies too, as well as eczema. I have none.

I don't bleed easily and my pain threshold appears to be like that of most people. I was able to give birth with no meds so....?

When I gave birth to ds #2 the midwives said after that in their experience redheads usually give birth fast. I did that time, but the first was a long hard labour.

My dad had red hair too and no known food allergies.
guiltriddenmommy's Avatar guiltriddenmommy 11:56 PM 09-11-2005
I had red hair throughout my childhood. Hormones have changed it to more of a brownish-red. I've never been allergic to any types of food but do have the skin sensitivities.

caitlinsmom's Avatar caitlinsmom 12:07 AM 09-12-2005
Originally Posted by reader

Also, I have had more than one nurse (and also read in Peggy Vincent's book, Baby Catcher) tell me that redheads are prone to excessive bleeding, particularly during childbirth. True in your case?

Thanks for the help!
This is totally true for me. My sis and friends who are blondes and burnettes all bled for at least 3 weeks less than I did. It makes postpartum just a blast.

I dont know about allergies as I dont have any, but skin sensitivites like crazy!! Very aggrivating. I do get migranes like you wouldnt belive and headaches nearly everyday (I have since I was a kid). I have strong reactions to chemicals, like white bumps popping up on the back of my throat. I also get eczema often.

I have thin skin and blue eyes. I look at the sun and I get burned and I have never tanned a day in my life. I am right handed although I can make due with my left.

All of my family is from Sweden, England, Scotland and Ireland on my dads and my moms is a mystery but we have peiced together that they may have been from Russia.
counterGOPI's Avatar counterGOPI 12:03 PM 09-12-2005
wow i never heard of that. im a redhead and my DH and i are hoping our daughter will be too (im due the 24th). ill let you know about the excessive bleeding as soon as i do but i have no allergies at all (unless you want to include lactose intolerance). i am very sensitive to the sun with my fair freckled skin though.
to me that sounds like an overgeneralization by the dr but then again what do i know? :LOL
justmama's Avatar justmama 01:10 AM 01-25-2006
Well I'm a redhead, as is my younger daughter. I"m left-handed and her I just don't know about. I'm VERY hard to anesthetize and manage on pain medication but not allergic to anything I know about. My youngest daughter has multiple seasonal allergies and is suspected of being dairy-allergic. She is very hard to manage on pain medication too as we found out very early in her little life. We both have pale, freckled skin that burns easily and is very sensitive. No excessive bleeding DURING childbirth but the postpartum bleeding is pretty excessive. My ancestry is a mix of polish, irish, and scottish. But I do have to say that so far, the redheaded tendencies to high temper and being "spirited" definitely apply. I've got a definite temper and as a kid, I would have defnitely qualified as a "spirited" child and my little one is taking after me in temper and behavior, as in with hair color. My older daughter is a dark blonde, almost brunette and while she IS left-handed(she was a redhead as a baby, does that count???), she has no allergies to speak of and doesn't burn easily at all and has no skin problems or health problems. I've never had to deal with pain medication or anesthesia on her thank goodness!
I really think there is something to do with all these different things about redheads. We really are a different breed!

Mama Dragon's Avatar Mama Dragon 02:05 AM 01-25-2006
I don't have any real allergies, but I have a TON of food sensitivites that cause awful migraines (I guess that could be thought of as an allergic reaction though) and with 2 of 3 of my births, I hemmoraged badly, and my periods are always heave. Yippee!
salmontree's Avatar salmontree 08:35 AM 03-18-2006
Wow.. I've learned so much about redheads from this string..

I've got auburn hair, blue eyes and the complexion of a redhead- never had a tan in my life, just excessive freckling and some serious burns. I passed an excessive amount of blood clots after my first child was born and it worried my midwife but thankfully abated before any intervention was required.

I'm allergic to cats and horses but only mildly and was lactose intolerant for a couple years - ever since this latest pregnancy I've been able to tolerate dairy again.

My skin is somewhat sensitive; if I take an overly long hot shower I seem to always break out in an itchy, bumpy red rash on my arms and legs and I can't tolerate wool clothing. (although I could if it were as soft as my bebe's lana care wool diaper cover )

I'm right handed but I'd say I'm slightly ambidextrous... I like to practice writing with my left and it is legible, albeit rather messy. I could also bat left handed, albeit not very well.

I've never been under anesthesia but when I had my four teeth pulled I had to have extra shots of the novacaine or whatever it was before I was numbed enough to start and even then it was quite uncomfortable.

My son is a bona fide red head with blue eyes and slowly emerging freckles. I don't think he'll tan.. I'm always careful to put the sunblock on him.

Haven't noticed him bleeding excessively, nor any allergies or acute sensitivity to pain...

Not sure yet if dd will be a redhead.. she's still got very little hair..

My three brothers all have bright red hair- none of them have allergies that I know of, nor have any ever been under anesthesia that I know of or bleed excessively.... I'll have to ask them now about though...I'm curious.

Lastly, after four pages of talk of redheads with no mention of Tom Robbins, I have to suggest that for an interesting perspective on the matter read his book- "Still Life with Woodpecker"
He has his own unique theory of the origin of redheads embedded in a really funny, quirky love story.. It's one of my all time favorite novels.

Strong Mama's Avatar Strong Mama 11:06 AM 03-18-2006
Wow cool thread. My dh , me and ds 2 are all strawberry blonde.
Dh has eczema, had horrible pain management, is left handed, had ashtma as a child, bruises easily.
Ds..has no allergies at all, no sensitive skin he has never had a rash in his 2 years at all, he is left handed, seems to need more tylenol than my ds1 when sick or hurt, has ashtma too.
Me..right handed, HIGH level of pain threshold..had two babies with nada nothing, dental surgery..I require a lot of novacaine but I just had 8 teeth pulled wed, and stopped bleeding right away and did it all awake! I have terribly sensitive skin though.
Dolphin's Avatar Dolphin 12:47 PM 03-18-2006
Originally Posted by harpyr
Lastly, after four pages of talk of redheads with no mention of Tom Robbins, I have to suggest that for an interesting perspective on the matter read his book- "Still Life with Woodpecker"
He has his own unique theory of the origin of redheads embedded in a really funny, quirky love story.. It's one of my all time favorite novels.
LOVE THIS BOOK!! Happy to see another fan! I sure wish he were still writing...
mighty-mama's Avatar mighty-mama 10:31 PM 03-18-2006
I have a red tint to my color. Extrememly fair and blue eyed. It was thought my reasons for miscarriages was due to blood clotting factors. During labor I bleed excessively. During my c/s I bled again and needed a transfusion.

I have very sensitive skin and burn very easy. I too am left-handed and suffer from two autoimmune disorders. I also have breast cancer. I have a very high pain tolerance. But am allergic to 3 out of 4 anethia meds, all in the lidocaine family. I always have problems w/ IV"s. Was told it was due to being red-headed too. I am an oddity in my family no other fair skinned members, in fact my little blonde son is tanner than me.
bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 03:19 AM 03-19-2006 sister is the redhead, i am the blonde, we both have blue eyes......*I* can not tan at all....she tans quite nicely.....*I* have allergies, she has none that i know of.......We have a family blood clotting disorder, so none of our blood clots properly, so that's not a fair comparison with "normal" people.....I'm not sure about pain meds...I'll have to ask...
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